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Tips for Enjoying Summer with Altaneve Prosecco

When the summer heat is in full swing, there’s nothing like sipping on a cool and refreshing drink. One excellent choice is Altaneve Prosecco, a delightful sparkling wine.

This vegan prosecco is a light option with only 500 calories per bottle. You can enjoy it straight up or mix it into a special mimosa for a low-sugar, low-sulfite treat during the summer months.

Altaneve Prosecco boasts flavors of white peach, pear, and honeysuckle, giving it a crisp and versatile taste. It pairs well with a variety of dishes, from fruits to seafood or poultry. The Wall Street Journal/Marketwatch even named it the best prosecco in the world. This premium prosecco is carefully hand-harvested at the perfect time for peak ripeness, rather than being machine-harvested.

In the autumn, Altaneve releases a limited edition Cuvee called Altaneve Z, with only 1,500 bottles produced annually. The name “Altaneve” translates to “high snow” or “deep snow” in Italian, paying homage to the snow-covered Dolomite Mountains surrounding the vineyards where the prosecco grapes are cultivated. Winemaker David Noto personally selects the ripest and freshest grapes from the vineyards at the base of the Dolomites to create this exclusive prosecco blend.

Noto shared his vision for the company, saying, “When I started the business nine years ago, there was no other brand focusing on luxury Prosecco, especially in the US. This positioning ended up being ideal. It was clear from the beginning that to produce the highest quality Prosecco from the most prestigious region, I couldn’t take shortcuts. If I wanted to enter the luxury market, I had to deliver uncompromised quality.”

Image Source: VinePair

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