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Three Fans Stand a Chance to Win $10k Each for an Unforgettable Summer Experience with The Federalist, America’s Craft Wine Brand

This summer, as part of its ‘History in the Making Campaign’, The Federalist, America’s Craft Wine brand, is offering three lucky fans $10,000 each towards a unique summer adventure. These fans will become official ambassadors, or ‘secretaries,’ of specially curated summer activities. Applications for one of these three prestigious positions are open from today until July 6th.

“The Summer of 2021 presents an opportunity for people to venture out, travel, revisit their favorite baseball stadiums, and reconnect with friends and family they’ve missed over the past year. We want to give our fans the chance to celebrate and embrace these experiences in a significant way,” said Tony Terlato Jr., Vice President at Terlato Wines. “Our wine embodies boldness, ambition, and unconventionality. We aim to inspire our fans to shape their summers in alignment with the spirit of The Federalist Wines and create history with us by becoming part of our inaugural ‘Cabinet of Summer.”

The winners will be revealed on July 9th on The Federalist Wines’s Instagram page. Below are the descriptions of the three secretary positions:

1. Secretary of The Outdoors: This individual has a love for travel and adventure, relishing activities like hiking and camping. They will have the chance to make history in the great outdoors, exploring National Parks, rafting down rivers, all while enjoying their favorite Federalist wine.

2. Secretary of Athletics: The ideal candidate for this role is a die-hard sports fan who equally enjoys backyard games like Wiffle ball and supporting their favorite sports team. Bonus points for unique game-day traditions involving wine and snacks. They will use the $10,000 prize to visit historic baseball stadiums this summer.

3. Secretary of The Grill: The perfect nominee for this position is someone who loves hosting gatherings and is the ultimate party host. Picture them with a spatula in one hand and a glass in the other. They could be the go-to grill master in the neighborhood, the organizing genius behind dinner parties, or the champion wine-pong player at game nights. $10,000 can create one memorable barbecue experience.

To submit an application, candidates must be residents of the U.S., aged 25 and above, and visit In their application, applicants must explain how they plan to make history as part of the ‘Cabinet of Summer’. They will also outline an epic summer itinerary and provide a link to a photo or video from their Instagram page showcasing their content creation capabilities.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Apply now and be part of history this summer with The Federalist Wines.

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Image Source: Just Luxe

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