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    The Bowlus Volterra, All-Electric RV Is The Next Gen Automobile

    If you love the outdoors and road trips in style, Bowlus introduces the Volterra ™, the world’s first all-electric RV. This luxury travel trailer runs on fully electric power with a 100% increase in battery capacity compared to previous models, and it is the first RV to utilize AeroSolar™ technology. These top-notch features enable off-grid living indefinitely.

    The Bowlus Volterra ™ All-Electric RV comes with a starting price of $310k, offering a versatile living solution. It is the first travel trailer with an induction cooktop and is high-speed satellite internet-ready, making it a standout choice. Additionally, the Volterra™ features a new backup camera, a 150% increase in freshwater storage capacity, and a beautiful limited-edition color palette.

    One of the key design elements of this luxurious trailer is its all-electric nature. Embracing sustainable living, the Volterra™ produces no pollution from generators or off-gassing from propane, providing a quiet operation ideal for individuals with chemical sensitivities.

    Equipped with 17 kWh of lithium iron phosphate batteries, a significant increase from the Terra Firma model, the Volterra™ includes 20A outlets for emergency EV charging. The enhanced battery capacity allows for an emergency charging range of approximately 65 miles. The AeroSolar technology continuously charges the RV while driving or camping without any setup required, offering a seamless user experience.

    If you are looking for an eco-friendly trailer that combines luxury and sustainability, the Volterra™ is the perfect choice.

    Image Source: New Atlas


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