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    Naboo Is Now Taking The Electric Watercraft Concept To The Next Level After Being Inspired By Star Wars

    Designed by Barcelona-based studio Hidden Portside, Naboo is an electric superyacht that’s inspired by Star Wars. In the Star Wars universe, Naboo is most notably known as the home planet of Padme Amidala and Palpatine – a green and unspoiled oasis. The superyacht’s greenery is its sustainable characteristics.

    “Naboo represents another lifestyle, in which sustainability is a mindset, preserving the beauty and elegance of the past while relying on the innovation of the future,” Hidden Portside says in a statement to Boat International.

    The company published the concept in early 2020, and it went on to win several industry accolades, including second place in the Rossinavi Design Challenge. This year, the studio announced that the project was ‘closer to becoming a reality’ thanks to a partnership with Italian shipyard Rossinavi.

    Naboo combines luxury with sustainability in beautiful harmony. For starters, Naboo is not only powered by electric propulsion but also boosts solar panels. The 164-foot-long superyacht has circular lines that enhance the essence of the yacht. With a ‘ring concept’ and open living spaces, the vessel has a non-linear flow that contrasts with the traditional designs. According to the studio, this central garden creates an atmosphere where the sea, sky, and guests thrive together.

    At the first level, in the centre of the yacht, there sits a large inner patio that spans more than 1,000 square feet (92 square meters), featuring a lush green vertical garden that connects all three decks. The patio has folding platforms on the sides that offer easy access to the water. The absence of corridors in most places makes the ship more spacious while being one with nature.

    The Hidden Portside design studio’s founders state, ‘Not only did we seek innovation on style and aesthetics, but also, and above all, in the way the boat is lived, in the way the boat is used, and in the experience, we want to offer,’ in a press release statement.

    The middle deck features a well-equipped open kitchen where guests can watch their meals being prepared. At the same time, a nature-intertwined beach club with a luxurious jacuzzi and bar will accommodate relaxation and recreation. The superyachts house four cabins that can accommodate eight guests, with a crew of eight housed in quarters below deck.

    The owner’s cabin has a private terrace, including a jacuzzi and plenty of lounge space, and is located aft on the bridge deck. The garage can hold a custom tender made to match the mothership and a variety of water toys. The beach club is situated towards the centre of the ship, which is another first, and it becomes usable once fold-down platforms are lowered to the sea and the entire space opens up. It also houses a secondary jacuzzi and a bar.

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    Naboo disrupts space is by overthrowing expectations by enclosing areas like the mid-ship lounge and beach club and exposed spaces like the rear deck. The upper deck that resembles a bridge is where the helm and the captain’s cabin are located.

    Despite its size and volume, Naboo runs solely on clean energy and sailing the seas without damaging the environment. In addition, the superyacht uses an electric propulsion system and solar panels for power. At the same time, the sleek yacht also has a hull made of recycled materials such as aluminium and synthetic teak – a testament to modern yachting. The stylish yacht is modified to avoid excessive use of air conditioning in what is possibly an environmentalist dream-like using intelligent materials such as PCM (Phase Change Materials) and metallic and ultra-reflective paint that can emit or absorb heat needed.

    For the time being, Naboo is just a concept, but with a flagship shipyard like Rossinavi in the equation, we can expect the Star Wars-inspired superyacht to set sail soon.

    Image Source: News AKMI


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