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    Jennifer Lopez Enjoys Delola Cocktails

    Image Source: Essenze di natura / Shutterstock

    This summer, Jennifer Lopez’s ready-to-drink cocktails under the brand DELOLA are making waves at various gatherings like pool parties, garden brunches, baby showers, and evening events. The classy label and exquisite glass bottles make serving these cocktails over ice effortless, adding a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

    Created with the input of Jennifer Lopez, famously known as ‘J.Lo,’ an accomplished American actress, singer, dancer, and entrepreneur, these premium cocktails are expertly crafted by mixologists and are gaining popularity.

    Working alongside Lopez, Benny Medina, global drinks experts Ken Austin, and Jenna Fagnan collectively decided on the brand name Delola as a tribute to Lopez’s enduring nickname, “Lola.” They incorporated ‘De’ to form Delola, signifying “from Lola,” a name that reflects Lopez’s persona.

    With the expertise of Delola’s master mixologist, Lynnette Marrero, described as the ‘World’s Best Bartender,’ the team developed a range of cocktails. This includes the Delola Light Margarita, alongside other expressions such as the Vodka-based Bella Berry Cocktail, Tequila-based Paloma Rosa Cocktail, and Amaro-based L’Orange Spritz.


    Since its launch in April 2023, Delola has been recognized with a Gold Medal at the World Spirits and Ready-to-Drink Competitions in San Francisco, as well as a Platinum Medal at the LA Spirits Awards.

    Lynnette, with her extensive background in award-winning mixology, informs that the Light Margarita contains 125 calories per serving compared to 220 calories in a classic margarita. This lower-calorie version has received praise for its full flavor and quality ingredients.

    The Delola Light Margarita is available in uniquely designed glass bottles in 750ml (SRP $19.99) and 375ml (SRP $10.99) sizes.

    Lopez, the Chairwoman of Delola, mentions, ‘Delola was introduced to bring exceptional cocktails to the market without the extra calories and effort. The Delola Light Margarita offers a fresh and delightful blend of premium tequila and triple citrus, creating a perfect ready-to-enjoy cocktail. Whether you’re attending a BBQ or hosting an event, Delola Cocktails provide convenience and sophistication, allowing you to focus on enjoying time with your loved ones.’

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    The Delola Paloma Rosa features premium tequila, citrusy grapefruit, and floral elderflower for a visually appealing, pink-hued cocktail. A twist on the classic Paloma, this cocktail offers a blend of ripe grapefruit, floral notes, and a hint of salt for a refreshing experience.


    With only 111 calories per serving, the Bella Berry Cocktail is an artfully crafted blend of premium vodka, ripe berries, hibiscus, and citrus notes, creating a vibrant and flavorful mix.


    Inspired by the Italian spritz, the L’Orange Spritz combines premium amaro, juicy orange, and a touch of passionfruit for a refreshing and citrusy cocktail with only 107 calories per serving.

    Lynnette, leveraging her extensive mixology experience, and Lopez are dedicated to creating high-quality cocktails. Lynnette expresses, “The release of Delola Light Margarita follows the positive reception of our initial lineup of cocktails. Today’s consumers seek quality drinks with natural ingredients, and our mixology-level cocktails resonate with them. We are committed to offering a ‘better-for-you’ option with lower alcohol content, reduced sugar, and fewer calories per serving compared to traditional cocktails.”

    All Delola Cocktails are available at select grocery stores, wine and spirit shops, restaurants, and hotels.

    Each cocktail can be purchased in 375ml (SRP $10.99) and 750ml (SRP $19.99) bottles, with alcohol content ranging from 10.5% (21 proof) to 12.5% alcohol (25 proof). These cocktails are all under 125 calories per 5oz serving.

    Image Source: Essenze di natura / Shutterstock

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