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    Isabel Ricaurte’s Impact on the Visual Art World

    (Image: Revista vivienda Infonavit)

    Visual arts has become an incredible and unique source for Isabel Ricaurte to express herself and craft outstanding images. Being curious about finding her way for emotional performance, Isabel was in search of the best version that would perfectly fit her nature. Her uncle’s artistic background (he was known as a painter and a sculptor) influenced her early passion for art. Since her school days, Isabel learned to tell her own stories through art, revealing her talent. 

    Eventually, Isabel realized that visual arts would be her professional and personal expression of her talents. Isabel attended many local art classes that taught art techniques, from modern cartooning to more classical techniques. Through the work produced from these classes, she accepted a spot at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she set off to make a career for herself. In 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration.

    After graduating, Isabel quickly began making herself known in the art community. She immersed herself in the underground comic scene, becoming a cover artist and character designer. She was able to learn how to depict intricate emotions and personalities visually during this experience, skills which later helped her immensely with her own passion projects.

    She continued to expand her professional portfolio through a role as a background designer for the Hype Club Music Label in California. Here, she had the unique opportunity to work with filmmaker Anthony Gallejo on the short film “Urie,” where her background art played a crucial role.

    (Image: nonenoon)

    Some of her most significant works, however, came from her role with Plex Publicidad, a leading advertising firm located in Colombia. Here, she created storyboards for social media campaigns, which allowed her to demonstrate her skills in translating marketing strategies into compelling visual stories. Through her work, she helped countless brands connect more deeply with their audiences, driving sales and customer retention.

    Isabel got her work recognized through the drawings she made for “Revista Vivienda Infonavit,” a popular online Mexican magazine. The images presented different house models the Mexican government offers as a loan program, which is a part of social security benefits for Mexico people. She also became a finalist in the 2023 JOAH Beauty Art Contest and proudly displayed her art at The Holy Art Gallery in London in 2024. Through these opportunities, Isabel was able to present her work to enthusiasts from all over the globe. She also continues to contribute to community-oriented events, such as her annual vending at the “Colored Colors” event in New York.

    Isabel is committed to broadening her influence on the art world. A committed, lifelong learner, she continues taking classes and workshops in her craft to build her skills and meet other budding artists with whom to share knowledge. Following her dream of crafting visual narratives, Isabel’s artistic approach continues to evolve with the world around her.

    Isabel’s journey from Ecuador to NYC and beyond is one of growth and power, sure to inspire anyone who comes across her and her work. Throughout her career, she has continually used her art to inspire and connect with others across the globe, no matter their background. As she continues to produce her art, she remains an excellent example to other artists and a prime example of where hard work and passion will lead you.

    About the Author

    Sookie Smyth is an arts and culture writer who focuses on impactful artist biographies. She hopes to use her writing talents to portray the incredible stories of inspirational artists worldwide.

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