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Get Ready for a Fresh Start with beLeaf Retreat in 2021

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Ready to make a positive change? Seeking a healthier way of life in 2021? Join beLeaf Retreat, a virtual weekend event that promises to inspire you for a healthier future. It’s an engaging opportunity to interact and learn with others and your family, all while discovering how to reduce your environmental impact and live more sustainably.

At beLeaf retreat, you’ll have the chance to connect with leading plant-based brands, celebrity athletes, influencers, and expert speakers. They will provide valuable insights on topics like Health and Food, Environmental Impact, Value Systems, and Animal Empathy.

This unique virtual experience will take you through beLeaf’s animated virtual environment, offering hands-on workshops, interactive activities, a product marketplace, and VIP experiences led by engaging speakers and influencers.

Amanda Cey DeMonaco, the Founder & CEO of beLeaf Retreat, highlighted the importance of coming together virtually during these times: “beLeaf offers a special opportunity for us to engage in meaningful discussions about our core values, beliefs, and lifestyle decisions.” She expressed excitement about the support from renowned brands, athletes, authors, and influencers who share their passion.

beLeaf has teamed up with brands that share the mission of promoting a plant-based lifestyle, including Laird Superfood, Ripple, Lava, Four Sigmatic, Purely Elizabeth, Coola, Thrive Market, Purple Carrot, Splendid Spoon, and more.

The retreat also features collaborations with prominent plant-based advocates such as athletes Gabrielle Reece, Hannah Teter, and Leilani Munter, as well as influencers like Toni Okamoto, Michelle Cehn, Ed Winters, and many others.

Through beLeaf Retreat, individuals and families can assess their values and find ways to grow and align their beliefs with a healthier and more empathetic lifestyle in 2021.

For a more immersive experience, consider purchasing a VIP ticket to access live virtual sessions with 20 interactive workshops. Topics range from maintaining a healthy body and mind to building a strong immune system. VIP ticket holders can enjoy cooking demos with influencers like Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn and participate in an adult-only cocktail hour. The VIP ticket costs $225 per person or family for all events on Jan. 9 and Jan. 10, 2021.

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The VIP gift boxes offered by beLeaf Retreat are packed with top plant-based brands and a custom journal containing all the details about the event.

General admission tickets for both days cost $125 and offer access to 18 interactive sessions, including family and adult-only content tracks, and an exclusive adult cocktail hour. Visit beLeaf Retreat to secure your General Admission or VIP ticket.

Image Source: Pixabay

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