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Discover the Fisher Island Lemonade Blend Featuring Vodka, Whiskey, and Honey

Image Source: Pixabay

Bronya Shillo, who spent her childhood on Fishers Island with her sister as their parents managed the bar at the Pequot Inn, remembers the popular cocktail, The Fisher Island Lemonade, made with a mix of vodka, whiskey, and honey.

Seeing the potential for others to savor this iconic drink, she ventured into the predominately male-dominated ready-to-drink market. In 2014, she unveiled Fishers Island Lemonade in a convenient can format. During Memorial Day weekend, she introduced her canned lemonade to boaters docking at the Pequot Inn. This unique craft cocktail combines top-shelf vodka, whiskey, honey, and lemon and packs a 9.0% ALC/VOL punch.

This lemonade is a guilt-free indulgence that is free of fat, cholesterol, trans-fat, and has a low sodium content, but carries about 28g of sugar per serving. Each can contains 310 calories.

As word spread, locals began to stock up on this refreshing beverage to enjoy on their boats or sip slowly at home, while tourists found it to be the perfect treat during ferry rides.

This year, Fisher Island Lemonade has expanded its offerings to include three new flavors and a frozen lemonade version, all based on the original recipe. The company’s motto, “find your island,” encapsulates its mission.

The new flavors include Spiked Tea (reminiscent of a spiked Arnold Palmer), Pink Flamingo (featuring pink lemonade), Fizz, and Frozen Spirit Pops. The Spirit Pops are perfect for sharing with adults on hot summer days, whether by the pool, at a barbecue, on the beach, or out on a boat.

Explore online cocktail recipes that incorporate Fishers Island Lemonade for popular drink variations. It serves as an excellent spiked sour mix for a refreshing margarita. Here’s a quick recipe to try:

FIL Margarita:

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– 3 oz. from a can of FIL
– 1.5 oz. of your preferred tequila
– Freshly squeezed juice from 1/2 an orange and a lime


– Salt for the rim
– Lime wedges


Place all the ingredients in a shaker with ice for a classic margarita or in a blender for a frozen treat.

Serve in a salt-rimmed glass with a lime wedge for garnish.

Fisher Island Lemonade follows a philanthropic business model, contributing 1% of its profits to local organizations on Fishers Island. You can purchase cans and frozen spirit pops online for delivery to most states along the East and West Coasts.

Image Source: Pixabay

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