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Discover Luxury at Round Hill Hotel & Villas Jamaica

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“Out of Many One People.” This motto reflects Jamaica’s diverse roots and unity, making it a sought-after tourism destination year after year. This 4,411 square mile Caribbean Island attracts visitors to its cities, coasts, rivers, and mountains.

A popular destination for travelers seeking tropical vibes is Montego Bay, Jamaica’s second-largest city. Known for its abundance of hotel rooms and a wide range of activities, attractions, and dining options, Montego Bay is a major hub for tourism. It serves as a cruise ship port and offers beach resorts and private villas for a luxurious stay.

Among the numerous accommodation options, Round Hill Hotel and Villas stands out as a top luxury property. Located on a lush 110-acre peninsula just west of Montego Bay, this boutique resort has a rich history and is a favorite among celebrities. The resort offers a private and upscale experience with luxurious accommodations close to beautiful Caribbean beaches.

The property features 36 oceanfront guest rooms designed by Ralph Lauren in the “Pineapple House” section, as well as 26 private Villas ranging from two to six bedrooms, most with private pools and dedicated staff to cater to guests’ needs.

I had the pleasure of staying at Villa 16, a magnificent private villa with stunning sea and mountain views. This spacious villa accommodates up to 14 guests and offers luxurious amenities such as a pool, game room, private master suite, and a detached guesthouse with a private infinity plunge pool.

Round Hill Hotel and Villas provides a unique blend of indoor and outdoor living with landscaped gardens and luxurious furnishings. The property’s charm and attentive staff make it a sought-after destination for travelers seeking a memorable and relaxing experience.

To learn more about Round Hill Hotel and Villas, I spoke with Josef Forstmayr, the property’s Managing Director since 1989. He shared insights into the property’s clientele, unique aspects, and his personal favorite aspects of Round Hill.

MK: Who is Round Hill Hotel and Villas designed for, and what makes it special to your guests?

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JF: Round Hill aims to be a home away from home for guests seeking luxury and privacy. Our ideal clientele includes couples, friends, and families looking for a secluded and personalized experience. We want guests to create lasting memories at Round Hill and feel like part of our family with each visit.

MK: What sets Round Hill apart from other luxury resort options in the area?

JF: Round Hill’s rich history and heritage, combined with personalized service and meaningful connections, distinguish it from other resorts. Our staff’s exceptional hospitality and the resort’s familial atmosphere create a unique and immersive cultural experience for guests.

MK: As Managing Director, what is your favorite aspect of Round Hill?

JF: The people make Round Hill special. Our staff’s dedication to providing exceptional service and creating a welcoming atmosphere sets us apart. The guests’ open-mindedness and eagerness to explore different cultural offerings contribute to the resort’s vibrant and thriving community.

Round Hill continuously enhances its service through ongoing staff training and technology integration. The resort’s commitment to exceeding guest expectations and adapting to changing demands ensures a memorable and enriching experience for all visitors.Many interesting and surprising facts can be discovered about the property. For example, the famous movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” was filmed at Round Hill, with Villa 11 serving as a backdrop. Additionally, renowned designer Ralph Lauren designed the Cocktail Bar and the decor of the hotel rooms. Originally, the property was part of Lord Monson’s Round Hill Estate, a sugarcane plantation turned boutique resort by entrepreneur John Pringle. Round Hill is currently undergoing updates and will soon launch a new website.

In terms of socially responsible travel, Round Hill is committed to eco-friendly initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and preserve nature and wildlife. The resort promotes waste reduction, energy efficiency, farm-to-table consumption, and localized purchasing. For instance, they have their organic garden for herbs and vegetables and support local schools in purchasing vegetables like kale and arugula. Collaborating with Seascape Caribbean helps in preserving coral reefs by training local fisherman as coral gardeners.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Round Hill is well-positioned for physical distancing due to its private villas and discrete facilities. They continue to prioritize guest and staff health and safety with strict protocols and compliance with government guidelines. Privacy and seclusion are emphasized to provide a safe and exclusive guest experience. Services such as on-site COVID-19 testing and access to the Club Mobay VIP airport service enhance guest convenience and safety.

The accommodations, decor, and amenities at Round Hill offer a blend of comfort and convenience, ensuring guests feel at home away from home. This luxury Caribbean destination has been a favorite for decades due to its exceptional service and outstanding guest experience.

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