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Clase Azul Introduces Tradition and Luxury With Its New Brand

The importance of roots lies in their symbolism of stability, heritage, and development. In many cultures, roots signify a strong foundation and a deep connection to one’s origins. The roots of plants serve vital functions such as absorbing water and minerals, providing stability, and storing food. In Mexican culture, the roots of the maguey and agave plants have played a significant role in the evolution of luxury and tradition.

Clase Azul stands out as a high-end Mexican brand that aims to redefine the perception of Tequila and Mezcal by infusing it with a sense of luxury rooted in Mexican traditions. Founded by Arturo Lomeli and Juan Sanchez, the brand’s mission is to showcase Mexico’s historic and rich cultural heritage to a global audience.

The craftsmanship behind Clase Azul’s products is evident in their meticulous process, which includes using only the finest ingredients and adopting a slow production method to enhance the flavor and essence of each Tequila and Mezcal variant. The brand offers a range of spirits, including Clase Azul Plata, Reposado, Añejo, Ultra Añejo, as well as two Mezcals – Clase Azul Mezcal Durango and Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero, each with a distinct flavor profile.

In addition to its premium spirits, Clase Azul also offers a culinary experience called A Taste Of Culture, providing participants with an immersive journey into the history and mysteries of Tequilas and Mezcals paired with native cuisine.

The production of Clase Azul Tequilas takes place in Santa Maria Canchesda, where skilled artisans handcraft each decanter with precision and care. Using 100% organic Tequilana Weber Blue Agaves, the Tequilas undergo a meticulous process that includes cooking the Agaves in brick ovens, fermentation, and double distillation to ensure exceptional quality.

Clase Azul’s Mezcal offerings, including Mezcal Durango and Mezcal Guerrero, follow traditional production methods that highlight the unique flavors and characteristics of the Agave plants used.

Aside from its premium spirits, Clase Azul also supports Mexican artisans through its charitable arm, Fundación Con Causa Azul, providing them with essential resources to continue their craft and promote the colorful Mexican culture.

By celebrating the roots of Mexican tradition and artistry, Clase Azul not only enhances the perception of Tequila and Mezcal but also contributes to the preservation and flourishing of Mexico’s rich heritage.

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Image Source: Just Luxe

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