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CASA TER House From Mesura Is A Nice Place To Live

Image Source: CASA Ter House (Mesura)

Architects who are willing to take a unique approach to design always leave a lasting impression. The TER House in Spain, designed by MESURA Architects, is a perfect example. Spanning 250m², this house is situated in the lower Ampurdan region and showcases a stunning aesthetic both inside and out.

The design of TER House by MESURA Architects draws inspiration from the surrounding countryside. Despite its distinct and unique design, the architects have seamlessly integrated it with the local building culture of l’Empordà, resulting in a blend of rustic charm and contemporary features suitable for the 21st century.

Mesmerising Visuals

The appeal of TER House lies in its captivating design, a testament to the architectural prowess of MESURA. Utilizing modern construction techniques, the architects have crafted a space that harmonizes with its surroundings.

TER House is strategically located at the meeting point of three natural landscapes – the sea, mountains, and open fields. This prime setting enhances the architectural significance of the house, which is divided into two volumes offering three distinct spaces, each oriented towards one of the natural landscapes while minimizing disruption to the environment.

The walls of TER House, built by MESURA, feature KM0 materials, a blend of concrete, local river Ter stones, and ceramics sourced from La Bisbal, adding a cultural touch to the structure.

Luxurious Living

On the second floor of TER House, you’ll discover the master bedroom, featuring a striking Catalan vault design that complements the curvature defined by height restrictions, wall centerlines, and the exterior façade. This bedroom offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, sea, and countryside.

Casa Ter is a versatile residence that can adapt to various needs or seasons. It can be opened up or enclosed, allowing occupants to choose their level of connection with the natural surroundings. The central area, the porch, offers flexibility and stands out as one of the most innovative and adaptable homes highlighted by The Status Life.

Image Source: CASA Ter House (Mesura)

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