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Casa Lohr Transformation in Mérida: Restoring a 19th-Century Colonial House

Casa Lohr in Mérida, Mexico, rises from the ruins of a 19th-century colonial house situated in the city’s historic center. The restoration work carried out by 20Diezz Arquitectos breathed new life into the decaying stone structure while ensuring its historical significance was preserved by maintaining the original interior remnants.

One notable feature of Casa Lohr is the old masonry wall that has been retained, becoming a focal point of the house’s design. The interior design scheme embraces neutral colors, earthy tones, and natural textures, creating a timeless and enigmatic ambiance throughout the property.

The house boasts high ceilings, archways, and repurposed original spaces that now house various functional areas like the main lobby, dining and kitchen space, secondary bedroom, and open living area. The redesign also saw the creation of new bedrooms towards the back of the house, with the former patio now transformed into the main bedroom.

Central to Casa Lohr is the kitchen, which acts as the heart of the home, connecting all other living spaces seamlessly. An adjoining outdoor roofed terrace features the remnants of a historic stone masonry wall, adding character to the modern construction and housing a pool and jacuzzi.

The interiors of Casa Lohr showcase locally sourced materials, including distinctive pasta tile floors designed specifically for the residence. The furniture pieces incorporate eco-friendly materials, with recycled wood treated with natural oils. The walls have exposed construction finishes that age gracefully, adding to the house’s charm.

Situated within walking distance from the “Plaza Grande” and “Parque de San Juan,” Casa Lohr offers a property ranging from 1000 sqft to 3000 sqft available for rental through Airbnb. Guests can enjoy modern amenities like an HDTV with Netflix, Wi-Fi, and an electric stove, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Image Source: Men’s Gear

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