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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H95 ANC Headphones

From both a design and performance perspective, the guys at Bang & Olufsen are tough to beat when it comes to their audio equipment and their latest release, the excellent looking BeoPlay H95 ANC Headphones, are a fine example of why the brand is so well respected the world over. The BeoPlay H95 are described as being the ultimate in over-ear headphones with a performance that is masterful, mesmerising and, quite frankly, moving. These classy headphones allow you to get lost in your music with an adjustable noise-cancelling performance that redefines grab-and-go listening.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H95 ANC Headphones are priced at an, admittedly eye-watering, £779 but you get what you pay for when it comes down to the quality of both the aesthetic and audio. Available in an array of different colours, you can choose the ones that best match your sense of style and the BeoPlay H95 come with custom titanium drivers – nestled under detachable magnetic earcups – which are tuned to Bang & Olufsen’s tightest tolerance on performance. The result of this feature? More lush lows, punchier mids and crisper highs. Put simply, you’ll hear magical details you’ve never heard before.

Five different levels of noise cancellation make the BeoPlay H95 Bang & Olufsen’s most advanced ANC headphones to date, and they are capable of handling everything from the hum of home life to the commotion of a daily commute. Simply spin the earcup wheel to set it just right. When the noise changes, it adapts to match – keeping you in the moment, the way it should be when listening to your favourite playlist, podcast or audio book. Luxurious in the extreme, you can feel it in the precision-cut aluminium frame that’s robust yet beautiful. Even the carry case they come in tells the story. Timeless design, made to last for generations.

The BeoPlay H95 always gives you the best possible audio performance while deploying active noise cancellation, for up to 38 hours of non-stop listening. That’s a trip from Paris to Perth and back again. Turning ANC off takes you up to an unparalleled 50 hours of listening time – impressive stuff indeed. Rapid set up, innovative user controls and Bluetooth 5.1 all combine to allow you to connect effortlessly to the devices you already love. And if you want to make a few sounds of your own, four microphones keep your voice crystal clear on calls.
Image Source: Forbes

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