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Super73-S2 Universal Motorbike Priced at $2,695

For those who enjoy city adventures or exploring off-road trails, choosing the perfect means of transportation can be challenging, but we believe the striking Super73-S2 Universal Motorbike is the ideal choice. This retro-looking bike is designed to be the ultimate urban ride, providing a smooth and effortless journey with its highly efficient battery.

The Super73-S2 Universal Motorbike is priced at $2,695, a reasonable cost for a ride that is not only visually appealing but also delivers excellent performance. Crafted from sturdy and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, this bike is ready for any biking adventures you have planned for this summer and autumn.

Vintage Style with Modern Features

The Super73-S2 Universal Motorbike exudes a nostalgic coolness that captivates us at The Status Life. If you are in search of a new urban transportation solution, this bike would definitely be at the top of our list. With seating for two and a range of 40 miles, it offers impressive features.

The Super73-S2 Universal Motorbike (priced at $2,695) is equipped with an electronic system that seamlessly connects to iOS and Android devices via the Super73 mobile app. This app allows you to control the bike, access navigation features, and switch between riding modes on the go. The bike is powered by a powerful brushless DC hub motor capable of producing up to 2000 watts of peak power, ensuring a satisfying performance.

This impressive bike accelerates smoothly to a max speed of 20 mph with pedal assistance, reaching speeds of up to 28 miles per hour on private property. In ECO pedal assist mode, you can achieve an estimated range of 75 miles. It features a fully adjustable air spring suspension fork for a comfortable ride, even on rough terrain, and boasts 5-inch wide BDGR tires, the widest and most aggressive all-terrain tires in its class.

Image Source: Cool Material

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