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Sanya Horizons Boasts An Infinity Pool That Cantilevers Above The Ocean

Image Source: Aspects and Angles / Shutterstock

## Sanya Horizons Welcomes Guests with an Amazing Infinity Pool Overlooking the Ocean

**Architects at büro ole scheeren have crafted an innovative resort hotel at Sanya Horizons in Hainan Island, China, featuring hanging gardens. The resort offers visitors a chance to connect with nature through the lush tropical surroundings and beautiful beaches.**

The resort, nestled 160m above the tropical landscape, boasts stunning stacked horizontal volumes designed to embrace the ocean, offering guests breathtaking views of the blue waters and greenery. Each hotel room comes with a private terrace and uninterrupted views of the sea.

**A rich variety of natural plantings and gardens between the volumes nearly double the amount of green space on the site.** The design includes vertical gardens spanning several floors, providing a truly immersive experience of nature at Sanya Horizons.

The ground floor hosts a plethora of unique plant species, biotopes, pavilions, and interactive experiences for visitors to enjoy the lush landscape. These elements effectively fuse the natural environment with the architectural design, creating a harmonious living space.

**Sanya Horizons features a magnificent giant infinity-edge Horizon pool that mirrors the ocean waves, with the pool extending over the ocean, offering guests a unique bathing experience in the open air.**

The hotel prioritizes sustainability by reducing its environmental impact. Large openings in the structure minimize wind loads, while room layouts facilitate natural cross-ventilation, reducing the need for artificial cooling. The facade of the building shields occupants from excessive sunlight through a grid of balconies and walkways, decreasing the overall energy consumption of the resort.

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