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Prada Showcases SS21 Collection Through Five Fashion Films

Image Source: Unsplash

Prada decided to present their new collection, Multiple Views SS21, through a series of five fashion films created by different artists. This unique approach allowed the collection to be viewed from various angles and perspectives in five distinct chapters, offering a fresh way to experience a fashion lineup.

Terence Nance, Joanna Piotrowska, Martine Syms, Juergen Teller, and Willy Vanderperre each contributed a film that captured a different facet of the Prada collection, showcasing their individual creative visions and ideologies. Together, these five fashion films collectively form The Show That Never Happened, presenting a diverse yet cohesive view of the collection. Despite the different presentations, each film places emphasis on the clothing, highlighting the beauty of the individual pieces in innovative ways.

Willy Vanderperre shared his insights on the collection, emphasizing its honesty and introspective nature. Each chapter of the film series offers a unique perspective on the collection, from retro-inspired suits to modern silhouettes set against industrial backdrops, and from nonverbal communication emphasizing details to a meta-theatrical experience.

Jurgen Teller expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to capture Miuccia Prada’s vision in his film, aiming to present it in a direct and honest manner. The films cover a range of styles and themes, from elegant and modern looks to athletic activewear, providing a comprehensive view of the SS21 collection.

Overall, Prada’s unconventional approach to showcasing their SS21 collection through a series of fashion films has allowed for a multidimensional and engaging presentation of their designs, offering viewers a new way to experience and appreciate the artistry of the collection.

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