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Le Grand Mazarin Set to Open in Le Marais in October 2022 by Maisons Pariente

image credit:Kanyapak Lim/shutterstalk

Maisons Pariente has chosen a special location in Le Marais, a neighborhood beloved by Parisians and global travelers, for their new addition – Le Grand Mazarin. This luxurious and tranquil retreat amidst the vibrant city is a unique place that embodies the values of Maisons Pariente, offering a distinct hotel experience that resonates with its exceptional setting.

Located near the Hôtel de Ville and the Seine, at the intersection of rue de la Verrerie and rue des Archives, Le Grand Mazarin invites guests to immerse themselves in the essence of Paris where the cultural history of Le Marais unfolds. Known for its rich past as an aristocratic enclave admired for its dedication to arts and literature, exploring the streets of this neighborhood promises delightful surprises and hidden gems. Le Marais, a district that has evolved into a hub of modern trends, is vibrant, creative, and constantly buzzing with life day and night, blending joyous hedonism with cultural progressiveness. The interior design of the 61 rooms, including 11 suites, is crafted by Swedish designer Martin Brudnizki, merging French classicism with contemporary elegance to create a whimsical and inviting atmosphere.

I love the concept of the literary salon of yesteryear and this was one of the main sources of inspiration when designing Le Grand Mazarin. We wanted the hotel to feel as though it has always been a part of Le Marais’ landscape so we sought inspiration from the great houses of the aristocratic era, where figures from literature, art, and music gathered in sumptuous residences, exchanging ideas and thoughts. Our concept of Le Grand Mazarin was to reignite this ambience for the modern-day, where guests feel as though they have arrived home and have the freedom to express themselves.” says Martin Brudnizki. The architectural concept is complemented by the skilled craftsmanship of The Living Heritage Company.

Every aspect of Le Grand Mazarin has been meticulously designed to offer a unique Parisian experience, including a delightful restaurant, a captivating bar for nightly adventures, a spectacular swimming pool, and impeccable yet unobtrusive service.

‘Le Grand Mazarin is a place primarily designed for Parisians to gather. This distinctive feature sets it apart from other hotels. It will be the first city hotel in our collection that truly encapsulates our Maisons Pariente ethos of providing simple, inviting luxury and genuine, generous service excellence. Le Grand Mazarin is envisioned as a melting pot of influences, a social space where elegance and style converge, showcasing a blend of eras and aesthetics with a touch of playfulness.’ says Leslie Kouhana, President, and Kimberley Cohen, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Maisons Pariente.

With Le Grand Mazarin, Maison Pariente embodies a contemporary expression of Parisian luxury.


image credit: Kanyapak Lim/shutterstalk

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