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Here’s The 100% Electric LEAD-Powered Bluebird By Nissan

Electric vehicles are increasingly going to become the norm in the future and we’re loving the look of the 100% electric LEAF-powered Bluebird from Nissan which has been showcased to celebrate 35 years of manufacturing in the car maker’s Sunderland factory. It is a very special conversion of the Nissan Bluebird – which is fitting because it was the very first car off the factory’s production line back in 1986.

This Nissan 100% electric LEAF-powered Bluebird is a one-off project car that is powered by the 100% electric drivetrain of a Nissan LEAF, the pioneering mass-market EV that kick-started the global trend towards electrification of mobility. The Nissan Bluebird was heavily modified to allow for the integration of the LEAF’s electric drivetrain. The original petrol combustion engine and gearbox were taken out and a LEAF motor, inverter, and 40kWh battery pack installed, with the battery modules split between the engine bay and boot for optimized weight distribution.


Nissan 100% electric LEAF-powered Bluebird is recharged through the original fuel flap, which delivers access to the charging port. The battery can be recharged at up to 6.6kW and the original driver instrument panel has been connected to the EV system to allow the fuel gauge to show the battery state of charge. Although not homologated, the vehicle’s range from a single charge is around 130 miles (subject to environmental factors and driving style) with a 0-62mph (0-100kph) time of just under 15 seconds.

For the exterior of the amazing looking100% electric LEAF-powered Bluebird, Nissan Design Europe, who are based in London, created a new graphic motif that is directly inspired by design cues of 1980s consumer technology, which has been expertly combined with a 21st century aesthetic. The conversion was project-managed by Kinghorn Electric Vehicles, a family-run business based in Durham, North East England (just 15 miles from the Sunderland plant). They specialize in the conversion of classic cars to full electric using second-life Nissan LEAF motors, inverters & batteries.

Electric vehicles aren’t just the future, they’re the present and by converting older vehicles to electric gives you everyday use of these iconic vintage models, but they’re just as rewarding to drive, they’re more reliable and importantly don’t produce harmful emissions when in motion. With this project Nissan have created a car that captures the soul of the Nissan Bluebird, with the heart of a Nissan LEAF. What’s not to like?


Image Source: Motor1

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