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Harvest & Mill Organic Clothing Is The New Fashion

Image Source: Unsplash

The fashion industry is one of the biggest risk factors for our planet and the amount of manufacturing techniques that have a detrimental impact on the planet is astronomical. For that reason, it’s always heartening to see brands actively doing things differently and ensuring their wares are made in an eco-friendly way as possible.

Chief amongst them is Harvest & Mill and their excellent range of organic clothing which has been “grown and sewn” in the United States. With Harvest & Mill, however, this isn’t some sales spiel, it’s an actual real life endeavour to improve the way brand’s make clothes and they hope to forage a path that others will follow.

Founded on the belief that there is a better way to make clothing – a path that supports our local community and the earth we call home – Harvest & Mill are a menswear brand we can get behind here at The Status Life. Since 2012, they’ve had bold goals for rebuilding localised supply chains in the USA through clean, ethical and innovative practices.

They go above and beyond in their attempts to make their clothing as eco-friendly as possible and their overall greenhouse gas emissions are up to 70% less than other sustainable fashion brands and overall energy use is up to 53% less with 50% less water usage. These are mighty impressive statistics and compelling reasons to add some Harvest & Mill organic clothing to your wardrobe rotation. Check out our pick of 5 of the best pieces of menswear from Harvest & Mill below:

Limited Edition: Men’s Organic Heirloom Brown French Terry Sweatshirt | $195

Made from 100% organic cotton USA grown, this Limited Edition offering is a fave of ours at The Status Life. The brown colour is the actual colour of the fibre from this particular heirloom variety of cotton. These unique and rare heirloom varieties of cotton have been grown around the world for thousands of years.

Men’s Organic Jogger Pants | $64

Made with 100% organic cotton jersey, these are comfortable and robust. Cotton jersey is remarkably breathable, with natural stretch and comfort beyond compare. Optimal fabric for casual pants day in, day out.

Not too heavy and not too light in weight with a modern cut. Rib knit leg cuffs and drawcord waist for a more versatile fit. Two side pockets. 5.4 ounce jersey. Fits true to size.

Men’s Limited Artist Series: Sukumo Indigo | $95

Limited edition artist made, by Ricketts Indigo, this will be a real stand out piece in any man’s wardrobe. Trained in traditional Japanese indigo growing, fermenting and dyeing techniques, Ricketts Indigo exists on the forefront of the interest in plant dyes and, quite frankly, these shirts are truly wearable art.

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Men’s Organic Cotton Socks | $11

These socks are made from natural brown organic cotton for both comfort and robust performance. There are no dyes used on these socks – the plant fibre is naturally brown. Crew socks reach your mid-calf and will be great for daily wear. Since natural color cotton does not need to be dyed, we can greatly reduce the use of water, energy and dye materials.

Men’s Organic Crew Tee | $46

This natural version of Harvest & Mill’s newly redesigned modern men’s crew is a style staple in our opinion. Made to be your daily wearer and built with 4.3 ounce 100% organic cotton jersey, this fabric is the perfect weight and ideal for tee shirts. Soft, flexible feel on the body with rib collar for a clean look. Undyed, unbleached clean finish. Richer in tone than stark bleached optic white. This is the real colour of white cotton.

Image Source: Unsplash


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