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Grado Labs GT220 Wireless Earphones Are Now Available At An Exclusive Price Of $249

Image Source: Dean Drobot / Shutterstock

Minimalist, stealthy style is definitely something we demand from our earphones here at The Status Life and there aren’t many better examples of this in action than these GT220 Wireless Earphones from the guys at Brooklyn based, Grado Labs. The brand’s first foray into wireless, they’ve hit a home run right off the bat in our opinion. This are their first true wireless headphones and the GT220 continues the brand’s journey of making Grado’s signature sound wireless.

The Grado Labs GT220 Wireless Earphones can be yours for $259 and the quality of both their aesthetics and sound performance is right up there with the best of them. They have a battery life of some 36 hours and use Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a highly connected performance that won’t let you down wherever you’re wearing them. These earphones mark a milestone in Grado Labs’ seven decades of audio. Years in the making, they didn’t want to rush the process of creating a compact and versatile wireless Grado headphone with such vocality and depth. It has been worth the wait.


There are loads of impressive features to the Grado Labs GT220 Wireless Earphones that will have you wanting to make them you’re next audio addition to your EDC line up. Control your music, calls, and more with just a tap on the earphones, or your voice with the built-in microphone. Easy to always have around, they’re ready when you are. What’s not to like about that level of simplicity when it comes to your listening pleasure.

The Grado Labs GT220 Wireless Earphones ($259) provide up to 36 hours of listening and the GT220 are up for anything from a subway ride to work to your next coast-to-coast flight. The true wireless headphones hold 6 hours of playtime, while their case can charge them back up 5x over. The GT220 case has both USB-C and wireless charging options so, whether you’re throwing it on for a quick charge before you run out, or plugging it in over night, it’s got your back.

These intuitive earphones boast a bifurcated capacitive touch system: the left side controls phone and voice, while the right side controls music playback. With a twist to lock, the GT220 can create a tight seal in your ear which plays a major role in sound reproduction quality. The midrange response is neutral and musical without any coloration, while the bass is definitive with excellent extension. The high frequency response is natural without any stridency. Everything you need from your next pair of wireless earphones.


Image Source: Dean Drobot / Shutterstock

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