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G-Case Is The New All-In-One Gaming Case For Nintendo Switch

Image Source: Niphon Subsri / Shutterstock

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, chances are you bought it due to its portability but probably soon found that it can be a bit cumbersome to port around. Enter the G-Case: All-In-One Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch that is funding over on Kickstarter right now and you’ll wonder how you survived without it so far. It possesses everything you need to enjoy your Switch gaming on the go – Modular Battery | Interchangeable Grips | Detachable Joy-Con Case | Extra Card Slots | Low Latency | – you name it, the G-Case has got it.

Available for the bargain price of just $70 during the Kickstarter campaign, the G-Case: All-In-One Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch is great value for money and an essential addition to any gamer’s line up in our opinion here at The Status Life. This small but perfectly formed accessory will significantly enhance your gaming enjoyment when out and about and make sure all your gear stays close together and not left behind. The G-Case is a compact, comfortable and powerful Switch gaming case to take your console gaming experience to a whole new level. Put simply, it’s the only case you will need for Switch and OLED.


Nintendo Switch fans love the portability of their console but there is always room for some improvements and that’s exactly what you get with the G-Case on Kickstarter. It helps to deliver all sorts of advantages for Switch users such as a longer battery life, comfortable grips, detachable Joy-Con case, low-latency Bluetooth, extra game card slots to name but a few – and all this comes in one compact protective case that is effortlessly simple to carry around and toss in your backpack when you’re done.

The G-Case: All-In-One Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch (from $70) is extremely innovative and intuitively designed and boasts an ecosystem of dock, controller adapter and travel case – all of which combine to deliver the ultimate in gaming portability and performance. With Plenbo gaming accessories, they are able to turn your Switch into a device that can truly keep up with the game you’re playing. With a design aesthetic inspired by Gundam, the charming simple basic mecha lines make the whole product line consistent, symmetrical, and mechanical. And, needless to say, pretty cool.

Extremely versatile, the modular battery of the G-Case can charge most of the devices in your backpack. Connect your phone to the battery USB type-C port, press the button, and you’re ready to charge anytime and anywhere. Fast fuel your other digital devices to make the most use of this compact backup battery. So it’s not just your Switch that benefits from this ace little bit of kit. It also has two extra game slots hidden under the grips which means you no longer need to take an extra game cardholder out with you and it is not only designed for handheld mode, with a fordable kickstand and detachable Joy-Con case, it’s also ideal for tabletop mode. What’s not to like? Head on over to Kickstarter now.

Image Source: Niphon Subsri / Shutterstock

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