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Finisterre Biosmock Retails For £250

When it comes to innovative outerwear and apparel, the guys at Finisterre are invariably at the front of the wave and so it has proven once again with their latest release – the superb looking and highly innovative Finisterre Biosmock. The interesting part of this product’s development story is where the fabric and textile ingredients are sourced from and how they are used in partnership to come up with a piece of outerwear that you can feel good about wearing which also happens to look awesome in the process.

The Finisterre Biosmock retails for £250 and it is the materials used in its crafting which truly set it apart from the competition. The main material used is PrimaLoft® Bio™ (Bio) woven technology. Upon examination, the garment may seem similar to any other woven windproof and showerproof polyester. However, PrimaLoft® continues to commit to its ‘Relentlessly Responsible™’ ethos with a Bio™ additive that’s already been acknowledged for its quick decomposition in the brand’s synthetic insulation.


Combining PrimaLoft®’s recycled BIO™ yarn and HD® Wool’s natural wool insulation, the Biosmock from Finisterre is the brand’s first fully circular, biodegradable jacket. Durably constructed for a lifetime of adventures, it will break down fully and safely in the correct conditions only at the end of its useful lifecycle. Warm, breathable and water-resistant, you can layer the Biosmock beneath a waterproof or wear on its own as an outer shell for uncompromising comfort in all conditions.

The Finisterre Biosmock (£250) boasts HD® wool insulation that has been developed by Yorkshire based HD® Wool, hand-selected and credibly sourced through transparent, non-mulesed sources and ethically managed with local farming cooperatives through Woolkeepers® programme. The outer shell and lining of this excellent piece of apparel is windproof and water-repellent, crafted from Primaloft®Bio™, 100% recycled polyester (post-consumer GRS certified), with a PFC-free and palm oil free DWR.

Stay warm, not sweaty. With Finisterre’s high-loft insulation and breathable fabric, the Biosmock will let water vapour escape whilst keeping the heat in. You will also stay dry in drizzle or light showers with Finisterre’s Fluorocarbon-free durable water repellant finish. More and more brands are seeking to reduce the carbon footprint of clothing and by using a regenerative agriculture ingredient like this, Finisterre can reverse this effect and make the garment Climate Positive: the wool growing process has the potential to absorb more carbon than the manufacturing of the BioSmock draws down. What’s not to like about that?

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Image Source: Outdoors Magic

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