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Discover the Splendor of Central Asia with Nomad Treasures

Kazakhstan – Unveil the Beauty of Central Asia with Nomad Treasures

Prepare to delve into the expanses of unparalleled natural beauty. Kazakhstan, stretching almost 3,000 kilometers from the Caspian Sea to the Tian Shan Mountains, is a vast wonderland with striking flora and fauna, endless steppe lands, and a populace renowned for their warmth and hospitality.

Exploring Kazakhstan has never been easier, thanks to Nomad Treasures, a Kazakh-owned luxury travel company committed to providing an exceptional experience in the country. Tailoring each tour to your preferences, they offer a range of options showcasing the best of urban life, nature, and hidden treasures. No matter your group size or travel style, they have something for everyone.

Enjoy your journey in luxury with Nomad Treasures’ fleet of lavish vehicles, ensuring your comfort as you take in breathtaking views, stay in top-rated accommodations, and savor delectable local cuisine.

Nomad Treasures stands out for its meticulous attention to detail. As locals, they have an intricate knowledge of what makes their homeland extraordinary and how to showcase it best. From your arrival to your departure, you’ll be in the hands of experts who delight in pampering their guests!

Why Choose Kazakhstan?

Danel Kurmankulova, the CEO of Nomad Treasures, has a deep passion for travel. Born and raised in Kazakhstan, she has extensively explored every corner of her country. Starting her global adventures at a young age, she has journeyed to China and later settled in the United States.

Her vision for Nomad Treasures stemmed from a desire to introduce the world to the beauty of Kazakhstan. After years in the luxury travel industry, she noticed a glaring gap – the absence of Kazakhstan in luxury travel offerings. Danel was determined to rectify this oversight and provide enriching experiences for travelers of all types.

“After gaining insights into luxury travel and observing the absence of Kazakhstan in many tour programs, I felt compelled to bridge this gap. I wanted to showcase the beauty of my country to a wider audience. Thus, I founded Nomad Treasures to bring more visitors to Kazakhstan and offer them an authentic experience.”

Few can match Danel’s expertise in curating an unforgettable Kazakh adventure. With a vast network of local guides, drivers, and accommodation providers, she is eager to share Kazakhstan’s natural wonders and cultural heritage with visitors.

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“I see myself as a nomad honoring my roots and inviting the world to explore my country! I focus on every detail to ensure your trip is truly memorable.”

Embark on a journey filled with excitement and discovery. Discover below a glimpse of the exceptional experiences Nomad Treasures has in store for you!

City Exploration

A visit to Kazakhstan is incomplete without immersing yourself in the capital, Astana, and the bustling city of Almaty. These dynamic cultural and economic hubs boast futuristic architecture that rivals iconic cities like Dubai.

When you book with Nomad Treasures, a luxury ride and a knowledgeable driver cum guide await to showcase these cities from a local perspective. Uncover the unique history and charm of each city, as your guide passionately reveals their hidden gems to you.

Tour Astana and marvel at its grandeur, featuring futuristic architectural marvels like Baiterek, an emblem of independence. Indulge in local cuisine, with your guide leading you to the best spots to savor Kazakhstan’s national dish, Beshbarmak. Journey to Almaty for an exhilarating experience, explore luxury shopping avenues, and enjoy a vibrant nightlife scene in summer or winter.

Venture into the Kazakh Wilderness for Two Days

While cities like Astana and Almaty captivate with their modernity, they are mere dots on the map of Kazakhstan’s vast landscape. Nomad Treasures offers a 2-day retreat in Kazakhstan’s “Golden Triangle,” a region near China and Kyrgyzstan renowned for its breathtaking natural wonders:

  • Charyn Canyon National Park: Explore a 50-mile-long canyon network with stunning views and hiking trails.
  • Kolsai Lakes National Park: Visit three picturesque lakes with unique hues nestled amidst the Tian Shan mountains.
  • Altyn Emel National Park: Experience diverse landscapes from dunes to green pastures, with the exceptional “Singing Dunes.”

A Spiritual Journey in Turkestan along the Silk Road

Turkestan, a historical city on the Silk Road, holds centuries of history and cultural significance. Home to the mausoleum of Khawaja Ahmed Yasawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Nomad Treasures offers a 2-day package for adventurous souls eager to discover Turkestan. Learn more about their offerings on their website, where you can find a range of private tours across Kazakhstan and Central Asia catered to all types of travelers. Whether you seek city exploration, nature excursions, or remote gems, Nomad Treasures has it all covered. For destination details and pricing, visit


Featured Image Credit: Nomad Treasures

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