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Discover The Impressive Oswalds Mill Audio Special K Amplifier

If you’re looking to enhance your music experience with both visual appeal and exceptional sound quality, Oswalds Mill Audio offers a range of loudspeakers and amplifiers that elevate the aesthetic of your audio setup. Their latest release, the Special K Amplifier, stands out as a striking addition to their lineup and caters to those who appreciate grandiose audio equipment.

The Oswalds Mill Audio Special K Amplifier exudes a sense of vintage coolness, adding a touch of retro charm to any audio enthusiast’s collection. The brand derives its name from a two-century-old mill in Eastern Pennsylvania that was restored by Jonathan Weiss, the founder of OMA. The mill houses a collection of vintage cinema and studio audio equipment, particularly horn-loaded loudspeakers from the 1930s, which serve as the inspiration for their high-quality creations, including the remarkable Special K Amplifier.

Stylish Design Inspired by the Past

The Special K Amplifier from Oswalds Mill Audio draws inspiration from cinema speakers and electronics of the 1930s, a golden age of product design characterized by triodes and beautifully encased amplifiers. This latest addition embodies a visual spectacle and offers outstanding performance that sets it apart in the market.

The Special K Amplifier integrates seamlessly with other OMA amplifiers, eliminating the need for a preamplifier. Featuring eight new production KT88 tubes in a Class A triode-connected push-pull design, this amplifier delivers nearly 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms. With full dual-mono construction, CCS on the 6J5/6BX7 input/driver stages, custom-wound transformers, amorphous core with silver OPTs, and internal wiring, it stands out as a formidable piece of equipment.

Boasting custom Hoyt meters, a construction combining cast iron, nickel, and lacquered wood, and a tempered glass front panel, the Special K Amplifier from Oswalds Mill Audio excels both visually and acoustically. For serious music enthusiasts, investing in this caliber of gear is a must. The amplifier’s bandwidth measurements are exceptional for a tube amplifier, with -2dB points at 10Hz and 85kHz, showcasing its impressive capabilities. To learn more about this exceptional piece of audio equipment, visit the OMA website today.

Image Source: HiConsumption

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