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    Discover the Amazing Reusable Notebook ‘Wipebook Pro+’

    If you are in a creative field or constantly have ideas that you need to jot down quickly, consider adding a tool to your everyday carry to help you with that. At The Status Life, we highly recommend the Wipebook Pro+ for this purpose. Whether you need a portable whiteboard during your commute, brainstorming sessions, or moments of inspiration at your desk, the Wipebook Pro+ is the perfect companion for you.[/embed>

    Undoubtedly one of the best reusable notebooks available, the Wipebook Pro+ is not only affordable but also practical at just $49.99 for an 8.5″x11″ notebook that you can utilize time and time again. More than just a notebook, the Wipebook Pro+ is a cloud-connected tool that allows you to effortlessly capture your ideas and securely store them in the cloud for future reference. It is the perfect companion for those who crave a whiteboard experience wherever they go. With a combination of graph and ruled pages, use your sleek new wipebook to brainstorm, save your work digitally, and easily wipe away old sketches.


    Work, scan, erase. The Wipebook Pro+ simplifies your workflow into these three easy steps. Designed for individuals who seek an optimized workflow and aim to equip themselves with tools that streamline their processes, this notebook allows you to work things out, scan pages, and reuse the wipebook repeatedly. The Wipebook Scan App conveniently saves your work and uploads it to your preferred cloud service, such as Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, or OneDrive – and the best part is, the app is free.

    The Wipebook Pro+ ($49.99) is an innovative solution for any creative person. Sometimes you need an erasable surface like a whiteboard to visually solve problems, and Wipebooks provide just that – erasable paper notebooks akin to personal whiteboards. Each book contains multiple sheets, offering ample space for your ideas, and its compact size makes it an essential everyday carry item. These simple whiteboard notebooks are perfect for anyone who desires to have a whiteboard handy whenever inspiration strikes.

    With an easy process from idea conception to saving in cloud storage, it’s no surprise that Wipebooks are popular across different industries. Work out your ideas like you would on a whiteboard, anywhere you need to. Simply scan your work to your favorite cloud service, erase the page, and start anew whenever creativity strikes. Seeking the convenience and versatility of a pocket-sized whiteboard? Look no further than the Wipebook Pro+.

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    Image Source: BroBible


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