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Check Out The Iconic 1957 Lancia B24S Convertible America

Image Source: Alexandre Prevot / Shutterstock

The 1957 Lancia B24S Convertible America, valued at $395,000, enshrines a legacy of excellent craftsmanship and a notable history of ownership. This exquisite vehicle has journeyed around the world, its charm preserved by a lineage of avid collectors who have each played a role in its well-documented narrative and impeccable upkeep.

This treasured Lancia’s journey began when it was first purchased by Mr. Mario Molanca from Bologna, Italy in 1957, receiving the license plate PI 45967. The convertible experienced several ownership changes early on, first moving to Mr. Lino Patriarchi of Pisa, Italy, on April 2, 1962. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Patriarchi sold it to a fellow Pisan, Mr. Paolo Manzelli, who in turn passed it to Ms. Rosario Antonacci of Cermenate that September. Ms. Antonacci would become its guardian for the next twelve years, after which, on November 23, 1974, it was acquired by Mr. Giogio Colfi of Lesmo, Italy, and re-registered with the license MI V84885.

Mr. Colfi’s time with the vehicle was characterized by deep affection, as he retained ownership for an impressive 32 years. In 2006, Mr. Colfi passed the Lancia onto Mr. Massimo Colfi, also of Lesmo, Italy. Under Massimo’s care, the vehicle graced the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. After spending two years with him, the automobile shifted to Mr. Renato Novarese of Biella, Italy, on July 24, 2006, and was a part of his collection for the following dozen years.

While in Mr. Novarese’s care, the car continued to be a source of pride and pleasure until 2014 when it caught the eye of Mr. Leo Schigiel from Miami Beach, Florida. An avid collector, Mr. Schigiel undertook and completed an extensive two-year restoration that culminated in 2016. The elegantly restored Lancia made a momentous appearance at the Amelia Island Concours in 2017.

It wasn’t long before this gem was introduced into an illustrious collection known for its Pebble Beach laureates. There, the 1957 Lancia B24S Convertible America was attentively maintained to remain in pristine shape, as confirmed by a flawless 20-mile test drive to Key Biscayne, Miami.

A majestic relic of Italian motoring heritage, this Lancia is complemented by a well-compiled history file, restoration photo book, and necessary accessories such as original tools and a jack. Adorned in a deep Rosso Scuro red against a tan interior, this matching numbers, impeccably restored treasure is ready for the global stage of elite Concours events and road rallies, capable of enchanting onlookers at the California Mille, the Colorado Grand, Amelia Island Concours, and Miami Concours.

As one of the crown jewels of Italian automotive design, the 1957 Lancia B24S Convertible America symbolizes the enduring dedication and meticulous care bestowed upon it by each of its owners. For those who appreciate vintage automobiles, this masterwork offered by Schaltkulisse is unrivaled.

Image Source: Alexandre Prevot / Shutterstock

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