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AZIO FOQO Wireless Keyboard Is Now On Sale At £172

We love a keyboard with a quality, tactile feel here at The Status Life and when it also boasts an awesome retro-modern aesthetic, it’s a real win, win for us. That’s likely why we’ve fallen hard for the superb-looking FOQO Wireless Keyboard from the guys over at AZIO. This top-quality bit of kit will really add a whole new aesthetic impact to your workspace in 2022 and it is billed as the ultimate keyboard for professionals, creatives, and artists alike. If the time has come to ditch your old, crumb-infested keyboard, this one would certainly be one of our top picks.

Priced at £172, the AZIO FOQO Wireless Keyboard is so called because it was inspired by the word “focal” and has two chief purposes: namely, a design inspired by cameras and their lenses, and the ability to focalise your workflow in one place. Revolutionise the way you operate on a daily basis by programming customisable shortcuts through the central control knob. This quality keyboard will allow you to type in confidence knowing each material is purpose-built for durability, and each function is made to improve efficiency.


Having an intuitive and work-effective keyboard will be instrumental to improve your work efficiency in our opinion here at The Status Life and they don’t come much better than the FOQO Wireless Keyboard from AZIO in that regard. We’re loving that the design aesthetic is inspired by vintage range finder cameras as this is something that really enhances the quality look and feel of the product. The FOQO keyboard does a great job of streamlining your work through the lens-inspired Control Knob.

The AZIO FOQO Wireless Keyboard (£172) has been cleverly designed and built to effortlessly streamline your workflow day in day out and the Control Knob allows you to focalize your tasks in one place. This quality bit of kit from AZIO boasts three Control Knob Modes: these being Multimedia, Backlight, and Macros. This is important because it allows you to program your favorite shortcuts to any of the five buttons on the control knob, and defiantly crush any task you throw at it.

Similar to the uncompromising design of cameras, the dual aluminum plates and leather-textured body of the AZIO FOQO Wireless Keyboard provide remarkable robustness while achieving a sophisticated appearance. It comes with 9 LED colors and 4 light modes – giving users a total of 36 backlight options for any mood and look. The Gateron Brown mechanical switches are smooth and tactile and deliver satisfying haptic feedback with a 50 million actuation lifespan and it allows you to simultaneously connect up to three devices via Bluetooth. When USB mode is selected, simply connect the included USB-C cable to your device and type away.


Image Source: Indiegogo

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