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Angry Miao CYBERBOARD R3 Keyboard Is A Great Addition To The Workspace

Of all the movie directors, Wes Anderson is unquestionably one of our favourites here at The Status Life so when we came across these Angry Miao CYBERBOARD R3 Keyboards, which are directly inspired by his work, we were understandably impressed. If you’re similarly enamoured with the likes of The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tennebaums et al then you’ll want to seriously consider adding one of these perfectly designed keyboards to your own workspace.

The Wes Anderson-inspired Angry Miao CYBERBOARD R3 Keyboard is definitely going to be a great addition to the workspace of anyone who loves the work of the director and the quality of the aesthetics and performance of these keyboards is second to none. They are available in four base colours – Budapest Pink, Basalt Black, Cloud White and Aquatic Green – so regardless of the design aesthetic you’re rocking in your workspace, you’ll be able to find one of these keyboards will fit in perfectly with it.


Warm pastel hues, elaborate production sets, symmetrical compositions – Wes Anderson movies always contain a sense of idiosyncraticness and exquisiteness that is unique to him as a director and makes him a master of his art. Taking inspiration from his movies, and his unique colour palette; Angry Miao have created the fantastic looking CYBERBOARD R3 Keyboards. Electrophoresis coating is used on Cloud White, Aquatic Green and Budapest Pink versions of the keyboard, which help give the CYBERBOARD a more nostalgic look and feel. It also delivers more saturation range and improves scratch resistance.

We’re loving all of the different Wes Anderson-inspired CYBERBOARD R3 Keyboards from Angry Miao here at The Status Life and from the minute you make your first keystroke, you’ll feel the exquisite smoothness and quality of the design which really helps to set these impeccable keyboards apart from the competition. These striking keyboards boast a Gasket Mount, which improves both the sound and feel of the keyboard. Try it yourself, and you’ll soon understand what a big difference it makes.

With these brilliant keyboards, there is also an opportunity to show off your creativity with the upgraded LED matrix. It now has a higher refresh rate, stronger colour reproduction, key lights, and more DIY effect slots meaning you can express your originality to the max. Effortlessly simple to use, just unplug the cable and the keyboard will switch to Bluetooth mode automatically. After a keyboard that will add a touch of class to your workspace, you’re in the right place with these Wes Anderson infused offerings from Angry Miao.

Image Source: Tom’s Hardware

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