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100% Capri: Sustainable High-End Fashion

Who understands why fashion trends evolve and shift? Leather, once reserved for medieval armor, took centuries to transition to upscale boutique apparel. Synthetic materials, once groundbreaking, fell out of favor as consumers prioritized fashion and sustainability, only to make a comeback with the introduction of newer, more comfortable synthetics to outfit a growing population. Change is the essence of the fashion industry.

Nevertheless, certain elements remain consistent in the realm of clothing, particularly concerning fabrics. Wool and cotton have stood the test of time for millennia. Linen, a fabric that has fluctuated in popularity, has been utilized in clothing and royal burials dating back to ancient Egypt.

In contemporary times, linen has garnered renewed interest. It is extensively used in premium drapes, beddings, and garments. For instance, 100% Capri, a renowned Italian clothing brand known for its fashionable high-quality linen-based attire, has championed linen as its primary fabric choice. The company’s founder, Antonino Aiello, expresses his admiration for linen, stating, “I love linen. Linen embodies timeless beauty, purity, and perfection.”

Linen also stands out as one of the coolest fabrics, both in temperature and style, for summer apparel. The fabric becomes softer with each wash, retaining its smooth and almost luxurious texture without shrinking due to its minimal elasticity. Aiello emphasizes, “We treat linen like a second skin; it is a sheer delight to wear. To us, it represents not just a fabric but the epitome of simplicity and beauty.”

To guarantee the excellence of their products, 100% Capri exclusively sources linen from non-GMO producers who eschew defoliants and rely on rain-fed agriculture. Consequently, their premium men’s and women’s clothing lines are both biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Aiello advocates for aesthetically pleasing clothing that coexists harmoniously with a sustainable environment. By prioritizing the purity of their products, 100% Capri stands out as a beacon of sustainability in an industry saturated with fast fashion brands polluting the environment.

Due to the relatively limited availability of linen, it is predominantly featured in upscale clothing. 100% Capri garments are often favored by celebrities and affluent individuals, particularly during vacations, where linen’s aesthetic appeal, lightweight nature, and easy maintenance make it the fabric of choice. Aligning with this preference, 100% Capri operates boutiques in various vacation destinations from the Greek Islands to the French Riviera, encompassing Ibiza, Miami, and Portofino among others.

In response to the question of whether a high-end fashion market can align with an environmental conscience, 100% Capri serves as a testament that it is possible. The breathable, hypoallergenic fabric sourced from environmentally-conscious producers and skillfully crafted into fashionable pieces by Italian artisans showcases that in this instance, it is achievable to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Discover more about Antonino Aiello, 100% Capri, and their environmentally sustainable and stylish clothing at

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