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10 Reasons Why You Will Not Regret Making Lisbon Your Next Holiday Destination

Let’s talk about our beloved Lisbon, and why this city has inspired us throughout all these years… and when you ask people about their favorite cities, Lisbon jumps up in the conversation, more likely than you think. Why you might ask? Below are the reasons why we think Lisbon should be your next city break.

1. One of the coolest European cities

Lisbon won last year’s travel award as Europe’s Best City Break Destination. Lisbon is one of the most ‘instagrammable cities’, but it’s also a booming hub for digital entrepreneurs, online businesses, and creative nomads, which gives the city the incredible buzz. There has been a rise of trendy shops, cool cafes, coworking spaces, rooftop bars, and vibrant social venues.

2. It combines historical attractiveness and modernity

Lisbon combines the old and new, the vintage and the modern style. For all people who are passionate about history, Lisbon makes an interesting trip, as it’s the second oldest capital city in Europe. In that way, you can get lost in its untouched hilltop neighborhoods of Alfama, Castelo, and Cathedral districts, with twisted streets, fortified walls, castles that have been protected for centuries. There are colorful houses and beautiful tiles everywhere. Lisbon also offers modern infrastructure, design, transport, a trendy lifestyle.

3. It’s the European Green Capital of 2020

The European Commission has given Lisbon the award for European Green Capital of 2020. This is another reason to love Lisbon because the city is moving toward a sustainable future. Recently, they are focusing on cleaning up the city air and promoting more green spaces. They want to bring more electric cars on the streets, safe bike lanes. etc. The city wants to change its lifestyle and promote green urban living.

4. Stunning beaches are easy to reach

We can really tell that Lisbon is grateful to be located on the Iberian-Atlantic coast. That means fine-sand beaches are just a quick ride away from the city. Once you’re in the Cais do Sodre, the railway trains will take you along the sparkling Oeiras, Estoril & Cascais coast. You can do lounging on the beach, or more fun activities such as sailing, kayaking, paddling, and surfing.

5. Delicious food + great wine = life!

It’s no secret – we all love eating and drinking. The culture of Portugal is associated with food. Every celebration means a great opportunity to celebrate by eating, drinking, and just being cheerful. There’s a great mixture of restaurants in Lisbon. They offer delightful dishes of seafood, roasted meat, pickled vegetables, and rustic mixtures. We have every right to say that Lisbon certainly knows how to live well.

6. The city has a friendly atmosphere

Lisbon a welcoming city, and that’s due to the wonderful atmosphere of the friendliness of its locals and residents. English is widely spoken so it’s very easy to go around the city. And if you learn a few Portuguese words, Lisbonians become even friendlier and more satisfied. Moreover, if you want to apprehend how welcoming locals are, you have to make sure to visit Lisbon during the festival months, especially during the feast of Santo Antonio. You’ll be mesmerized with everyone on the streets, eating, drinking, singing and dancing, and having the best time of your life.

You can also expect magnificent things from the nightlife in Lisbon. Over the years, Lisbon Stag Do’s are receiving more and more attention for their late-night action. Lisbon is listed among Europe’s best party destinations.

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7. The weather is fabulous

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities, but it’s also is one of the sunniest. Lisbon has approximately 300 days of sunshine per year. And when you ask both locals and regular visitors about what they find amusing about Lisbon, often they have this answer in standard – the light.

8. The hills offer magnificent views

Lisbon is surrounded by hills…that automatically gives the city a distinctly panoramic vision. While the easiest way to get to those hills is by a tram or an uber, we recommend to walk up and down the city’s hill. That means, you get to experience the beautiful neighborhoods, explore the hidden spots, and then when you reach the summits, and then you’ll be rewarded with some of the greatest views you’ll ever see on the European continent.

9. It’s an affordable and family-friendly city

We have every right to say that Lisbon is one of the most affordable options. Sure, rents are significantly higher compared to years ago, but current prices are still lower than their European cities. Transport is affordable. Eating out is still reasonable. You can go to local markets, the little restaurants and you’ll find this city to be rather cost-effective. It’s also safe, with a low crime rate, and it’s family and child-friendly. It’s also ideal for solo travelers, female travelers, and is a great destination for LGBT communities, with a welcoming, tolerant and open-minded society.

10. It’s so easy to navigate around

This is one of the most important aspects that visitors consider when visiting the city – how accessible the city center is from the airport. Thankfully, Lisbon’s airport is located within the city’s. You can arrive in the city center in less than 20 minutes. Technology is advancing fast and it’s never been much easier to move around. There are also e-bikes and scooters in place, an efficient metro system, buses, trams, and elevators, to help you get around the city so effortlessly.

Image Source: loveEXPLORING

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