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Vintage Electric Introduce The World’s Most Powerful EV Throttle Bike

Vintage Electric has launched the 2022 72 Volt Performance Line, consisting of the 72-Volt 2022 Vintage Electric Roadster, 72-Volt Scrambler, and 72-Volt Shelby. Priced at $6,995 for the Roadster and Scrambler, and $7,249 for the Shelby, these bikes offer top speeds of 40mph. The Roadster is the fastest in its class, while the Scrambler is ideal for beach trails and back roads, and the Shelby exudes vintage charm reminiscent of classic designs.

With electric transportation gaining traction as a solution to rising gas prices, these bikes blend retro aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Sporting a 72-volt battery, they are touted as the most powerful EV throttle bikes globally. Embodying a classic V-Twin motorcycle stack aesthetic, they boast a timeless design that turns heads while providing a swift and smooth ride across various terrains.

Crafted from hydroformed aluminum and weighing 86 lbs with a battery, these bikes are equipped with 26 x 2.35 Schwalbe Fat Frank w/ Kevlar Guard wheels and double adjustable inverted suspension for performance and comfort. Regenerative hydraulic disc brakes add to their efficiency by recharging the batteries while braking.

The 2022 lineup offers features such as a range of 40-75 miles per charge, a quick three-hour charging time, three times the torque of previous models, a 750W hub motor, and a 4000W ‘Race Mode’ key option for enhanced performance. Riders can enjoy on-demand acceleration with five power modes using the thumb throttle.

According to Andrew Davidge, the Founder and Lead Designer of Vintage Electric, these bikes offer a blend of comfort, performance, and durability, presenting an exhilarating riding experience for enthusiasts. The 72 Volt Performance Line is lauded for its powerful battery, acceleration, longevity, and rechargeability.

Vintage Electric encourages interested buyers to explore their website or contact them directly for more details on the 2022 lineup, including the Roadster, Scrambler, and Shelby models.

For further information on the 2022 72 Volt Performance Line and other Vintage Electric bike models, visit or call 1-408-969-0836.

Image Source: Just Luxe

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