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Time for a Second Triumph in an Extraordinary Race with a Unique Car

The Carrera Panamericana, the oldest ongoing rally-style car event globally, has officially revealed the route for this year’s competition, set to traverse the roads of Mexico once again.

Known for its legendary 70-year racing tradition, La Carrera Panamericana is scheduled to take place from October 15 to 21, 2021.

Considered one of the most challenging and demanding races in motorsports, La Carrera Panamericana is a prestigious accomplishment for car racing participants to complete, let alone emerge victorious. Over 80 classic cars built between 1940 and 1972 will cover a 3,000 km route through Mexico.

Over the course of seven days, the race navigates through narrow, twisting roads in Southern Mexico, progresses along mountainous terrains, passes through bustling towns filled with supportive spectators, and culminates at the northern border of Mexico. The race commences in Oaxaca and concludes in Saltillo, Mexico.

In 2020, Mexican-born race car driver Karlos Flores opted to challenge La Carrera Panamericana in a novel way by entering the Sports Mayor Class with a unique custom GT40.

Confident in the GT40’s capabilities, Flores believed that the robust GT40 could excel in La Carrera Panamericana. The participation of a GT40 in 2020 was unprecedented, and there were uncertainties about its performance on such varied terrain.

Selecting the GT40 for its exceptional design and rich history, Flores remarked, “I wanted a car that stood out, and the GT40 seemed like the perfect choice. Some were doubtful about its suitability for La Carrera Panamericana, claiming it was more suited for tracks. Despite these reservations, I took a chance as I enjoy approaching things differently.”

Historically, the GT40 driven by Flores holds a significant place in motorsports history. Flores recognized the GT40’s capability on shorter tracks but had to tailor it to endure the challenges of a week-long road race. With no prior GT40 entries in the event, Flores and his team embarked on uncharted territory.

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Flores expressed, “It’s challenging to push a car beyond its expected limits. While the GT40 excels in various aspects, tackling La Carrera Panamericana was uncharted territory. We embraced the challenge to pursue something significant, a key aspect of what the competition embodies.”

The 2020 La Carrera Panamericana witnessed Flores making history by clinching victory in the Sports Mayor Class with the GT40, marking the first GT40 triumph in the event’s history.

The GT40 demonstrated exceptional performance in the demanding road race, tackling twisting roads, rough surfaces, mountainous terrains, lively streets, natural obstacles, steep drops, and enduring long hours without much rest, making La Carrera Panamericana a grueling seven-day test of endurance.    

In this stage race format, both speed stages and transit stages are included. Speed stages involve timed closed-road races where competitors race from one point to another in the shortest time. Transit stages operate as time-speed-distance rallies, testing the driver-navigator duo to finish the stage within a specified time. Combining scores from both stage types determines the overall winner.

As La Carrera Panamericana eagerly anticipates the participation of drivers from across the globe in the upcoming October event, Karlo Flores and his unique GT40 aim to etch another historic victory in the competition.

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A GT40 traversing the vast deserts of Mexico

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Image Source: News AKMI

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