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The Unique Aspects of Rome Explored by ArcheoRunning and ArcheoTrekking Projects

When tourists visit Rome, they often have a list of must-see attractions in mind. The usual spots like the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, the Vatican, and Villa Borghese Gardens are on everyone’s list, which means crowds are inevitable. But what if you could explore these iconic places without the crowds, the noise, and experience pure peace and tranquility?

Isabella Calidonna from ArcheoRunning can make this dream a reality. With her specialized early morning running tours of Rome, she offers guests a unique opportunity to visit these famous sites without the usual hustle and bustle. By starting early and beating the crowds, Calidonna leads visitors through a serene and rarely seen side of Rome.

An art historian and certified tour guide, Calidonna founded ArcheoRunning in 2016. Her tour company allows her to combine her passions and showcase Rome in a whole new light. Whether guests prefer walking or running, they can explore historical sites and discover hidden gems on customized tours lasting between 2 to 4 hours. And for those not keen on early mornings, each tour is tailored to the guests’ preferences. These tours are suitable for individuals or groups of all ages, and can cover distances up to 5 kilometers (approximately 2.5 miles), with stops along the way for informative historical narratives.

Aside from these hourly tours in Rome, guests of ArcheoRunning can also opt for full-day excursions that take them forty minutes into the Roman countryside:

  • The ArcheoTrekking Experience: This excursion is ideal for history and art enthusiasts, leading them to Tusculum, an ancient Roman city in the Alban Hills. Visitors can explore archaeological sites like forums, temples, and theaters before moving on to see Villa Falconieri, one of the oldest Renaissance villas in Tuscolan. The journey concludes in Frascati with visits to village highlights and a traditional lunch.
  • The EnoWellness Tour: Wine lovers can enjoy a tour of the picturesque vineyards of Castelli Romani, complete with a vineyard walk, a grape seed massage, and a local food and wine tasting.
  • The ArcheoUrbanTrekking Experience: This tour offers a lighter exploration of Ancient Rome starting at Parco degli Acquedotti, a park vital to the water system of ancient Rome. The journey continues to the ancient ruins in Caffarella Park and ends with a walk along the Appia Antica to visit ancient monuments before enjoying lunch in a traditional Roman eatery.

These experiences provide a deeper insight into the history and wonders of Rome, making them perfect for both first-time visitors and those who have been to the city before. ArcheoRunning tours offer a unique perspective that will leave guests with a richer understanding of why Rome is one of the most captivating cities in the world.

Image Source: Trip Advisor

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