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    The Top 23 Wellness Retreats in North America to Reset, Rest & Recharge

    Image Source: kudla / Shutterstock

    **The Top 23 Wellness Retreats in North America to Reset, Rest & Recharge**

    Making significant changes to your physical, mental, or spiritual well-being often requires stepping out of your comfort zone and immersing yourself in new experiences. Wellness retreats are specifically designed to provide a space where you can escape the daily grind, focus on your overall health, and rejuvenate. These retreats offer a combination of expertise in nutrition, fitness, and psychology, luxurious spa treatments, and unique amenities to enhance your well-being, learn to improve your health, and reset your mindset. Here are 23 top wellness retreats across North America that will help you reset, rest, and recharge.

    **Golden Door**

    As the first destination spa in North America, Golden Door has set the standard for destination spas since 1958. Inspired by Japanese ryokans, guests are welcomed through two golden doors adorned with intricate details and semi-precious stones. The secluded property offers customized programs that cater to individual needs, focusing on transforming the mind, body, and soul. With activities centered around mindfulness, spirituality, and fitness, guests can enjoy healthy food options tailored to their dietary requirements. The retreat provides a range of outdoor activities and personalized sessions to promote inner reflection, healthy eating, and fitness for lasting effects. Packages at Golden Door start from three nights at $6,250, including personal training, massages, body treatments, and all meals.

    **RESET Telluride**

    Debuting in May 2022, RESET Telluride is an exclusive ultra-luxury wellness and trekking retreat nestled in the scenic San Juan mountains. The retreat offers a complete physical and mental reset experience, with daily half-day treks led by AMGA-Certified Mountain Guides. Guests have access to RESET’s wellness center equipped with state-of-the-art fitness and cardio facilities, yoga, meditation, massage, and more. In-room massages are included, and guests can opt for additional wellness services like acupuncture, nutritional coaching, and IV therapies. RESET retreats start at $5,500 for a four-day experience and $10,000 for a six-day retreat per guest.

    **Casa Alternavida**

    Casa Alternavida is an all-inclusive boutique wellness retreat center in Puerto Rico designed to reduce stress. Tailored for individuals and groups seeking personal growth, the retreat offers a high-touchpoint experience focusing on reconnecting with one’s essential self through coaching, nature adventures, and meaningful conversations. Personalized retreats range from $525 to $685 per night for single occupancy, including guided nature excursions, cultural food experiences, and tailored programs. Casa Alternavida also offers leadership and team-building retreats for corporate groups, providing a complete retreat buyout for enhanced team dynamics at $6,700 to $8,700 per night for 10 participants.

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    **The Lodge at Woodloch**

    Located in the Lake Region of Northeast Pennsylvania, The Lodge at Woodloch is an award-winning destination spa resort spread over 500 acres of pristine woodlands with a private lake. The resort focuses on personal awakening and sensory rejuvenation, offering outdoor activities like kayaking, guided hikes, and forest bathing. Unique features include a Snow Room, Forest Bathing, and a certified spa team. Guests can choose from various packages starting at $459 per person per night, with options for customized experiences tailored to individual or group needs in the Poconos region.

    **Hilton Head Health**

    Situated on the coast near the beach, Hilton Head Health is the only coastal wellness retreat in the US that specializes in weight loss and holistic wellness. The all-inclusive resort offers personalized programs based on integrated health principles to address mental and physical challenges for sustainable results. Surrounded by nature, guests can enjoy outdoor activities, luxurious spa treatments, and nutritious meals. Programs start at $755 per night and range from Healthy Getaway for three nights to LivingWell, Jump Start, ReNew for seven nights, or the Lose Well program for a 28-night stay, catering to long-term health improvements.

    **Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa**

    Nestled in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa is an all-inclusive luxury retreat focusing on fitness and health. The retreat offers daily hikes, mindfulness education, and gourmet spa cuisine to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Guests can participate in forest bathing walks, meditation classes, and educational lectures to enhance their overall wellness. Operating from late April to late October, the retreat includes all meals, guided activities, and a diverse range of wellness experiences aimed at rejuvenating mind and body.The package at this all-inclusive wellness retreat includes lodging, daily breakfast, movement and meditation sessions, and various wellness offerings like sound healing and hydrotherapy. The retreat costs around $1,045 per night.

    Located in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, Lithia Springs Resort offers a two-night wellness retreat featuring sessions with health coach Andréa Matteson, gourmet meals, spa treatments, and access to tranquil gardens. Prices start at $498 for a Garden View Room.

    Winvian Farm in Northwestern Connecticut provides a peaceful retreat on 113 acres with unique resort cottages, a spa, and farm-to-table dining. Rates start at $799 per night, inclusive of breakfast.

    Wild Rice Retreat on Lake Superior in Wisconsin offers all-inclusive wellness retreats with lodging, meals, wellness classes, and guided activities. Prices range from $252 to $512 per night, depending on lodging style.

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    Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami specializes in sustainable weight loss and lifestyle disease management through physician consultations, nutrition programs, and fitness activities. The two-week program costs $639 per night.

    Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas Hill Country offers lakefront relaxation, outdoor activities, a luxury spa, and healthy dining options. Rates start at $595 per person and include meals, classes, and activities.

    Miraval Arizona, set in the Santa Catalina Mountains, provides a serene space for mindfulness and balance through workshops, activities, and nutrition experiences. The resort’s design and offerings reflect the beauty of the desert landscape.

    Miraval Austin, nestled in the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, offers a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature for guests to unwind and find balance.Located on 280-plus acres, with 170 acres protected from development by law, Miraval Austin provides guests with a serene natural setting perfect for relaxation and contemplation. The resort boasts 117 rooms spread across 13 lodges, each offering stunning views of the surrounding preserve. Guests can enjoy amenities like in-room meditation channels, a Tibetan singing bowl, and a meditation pillow for ultimate comfort. The resort offers a wide range of activities, workshops, and classes tailored to each guest’s preferences, such as equine activities, farm and garden explorations, excursions on Lake Travis, and challenges on the Miraval Austin Challenge Course.

    Miraval Berkshires, situated on 380 acres in Lenox, Massachusetts, is dedicated to promoting a Life in Balance through immersive experiences that focus on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. The resort offers various fitness, yoga, and wellness programs, including equine programming, fitness classes, and spa treatments. Outdoor adventures on Laurel Lake aim to enhance mindfulness, self-awareness, and personal growth. The resort’s all-inclusive packages cover meals, access to activities, spa facilities, and a credit towards spa services.

    The Loveology Retreat in Maricopa, CA, curated by renowned love expert Dr. Ava Cadell, is a sanctuary where guests can engage in yoga, meditation, hiking, and holistic healing workshops to rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit. The retreat offers programs such as the Yin Yang Yoga for Intimacy and Nine Forms of Meditation, led by a team of experienced wellness experts, promoting intimacy, pleasure, movement, and breathwork. The retreat’s serene location on 45 acres in Ventura County features accommodations in two buildings, campers, and an 11-foot-tall Stupa for enlightenment.

    Marram Montauk, a boutique resort in Montauk, Long Island, offers a luxurious beachside retreat experience emphasizing relaxation and connection. In addition to traditional wellness activities like yoga and meditation, the resort provides creative workshops, fireside chats, and other holistic experiences. Guests can opt for add-ons such as salt cave therapy, tarot readings, surf lessons, and private beach fires to enhance their stay.

    CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa near Scottsdale, nestled in the Sonoran Desert, offers guests a tranquil escape with daily fitness classes, meditation sessions, outdoor adventures, and access to wellness guides and healers. The resort’s spa features 22 treatment rooms specializing in rejuvenating treatments and an Aqua Vitality circuit with a Klafs Sanarium. Accommodations, plant-based dining, and wellness retreats throughout the year cater to guests seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

    The Ranch Malibu provides results-oriented health programs in a secluded setting for up to 25 guests, focusing on physical and mental well-being through activities like hiking, fitness classes, massages, and a plant-based diet. Guests can participate in body composition analysis, sound baths, cooking classes, and engage in discussions on nutrition and wellness. The resort encourages guests to disconnect from electronic devices during their stay to promote mindfulness and relaxation.

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    Slated to open in Fall 2023, The Ranch Hudson Valley will offer wellness programs ranging from three to four days, featuring elements such as hiking, fitness classes, deep tissue massages, and a plant-based diet. The location, just 45 minutes from New York City on a historic lakefront estate spanning 200 acres, immerses guests in nature and physical activities designed to promote well-being and rejuvenation.

    Canyon Ranch Tucson, situated on 150 acres in the Santa Catalina foothills, offers an original wellness retreat experience with ample sunshine year-round. The resort features a 80,000-square-foot spa and fitness facilities, private residences, exercise studios, salon, spa treatment rooms, pools, and an Aquatic Center. Guests can select from various wellness programs based on health and performance pillars for a transformative stay.Canyon Ranch offers services focused on well-being in four main categories: mind & spirit, fitness & movement, nutrition & food, and spa & beauty. They provide personalized experiences tailored to your wellness goals, featuring medical-based programs, a wide range of activities, a spiritual center, outdoor adventures, and more. Prices vary depending on the services at each Canyon Ranch location.


    Located amidst California Redwoods, Canyon Ranch Woodside is open for retreat bookings from Thursday to Monday, lasting three or four days. Situated in Woodside, CA, just a 30-minute drive from San Francisco and Silicon Valley, it can accommodate up to 38 guests in luxury treehouses and guest rooms. The serene setting allows guests to relax their minds, engage in physical activities, and explore pathways to inner peace. The ‘Find Inner Calm Pathway’ program helps guests practice self-care, reflection, and spiritual growth to foster compassion for themselves. With fitness classes, workshops, spiritual services, a spa, and outdoor activities, guests can boost their energy, stamina, and self-discovery.


    At Canyon Ranch Lenox, guests can participate in ‘Pathway’ experiences lasting three, five, or seven days at Bellefontaine Mansion in the Berkshires. This all-inclusive resort, accommodating up to 175 guests on 120 acres, is a short walk from Lenox town. They offer access to healthcare professionals, nutritionists, therapists, spiritual experts, movement therapists, and performance scientists at the Health & Performance Center. Guests can also visit Canyon Ranch Aesthetics® for advanced skin care treatments like Juvéderm®, Botox®, and Restylane®. The resort features a 100,000 sq. ft. fitness center with a running track, tennis courts, cycling studios, and cardio and weight rooms offering classes daily. The expert team at Canyon Ranch guides each guest’s journey based on individual preferences.

    Image Source: kudla / Shutterstock

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