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Why The Polaroid P4 Music Player Is Best Known For Its Sound Quality

Needless to say, Polaroid are best known for their camera equipment but they’ve thrown their hat into the audio ring with the excellent looking P4 Music Player which we’re loving the look of here at The Status Life. Available in both Black and Yellow colourways, the Polaroid P4 Music Player is the largest and loudest of the Polaroid speakers, more than capable of filling even the largest rooms with unbeatable sound. It’s about the size of a small watermelon, if a watermelon was more lightweight and able to play your favorite music. It looks great both sideways and upright, thanks to the partner speaker stand accessory, which can be purchased separately.

Priced at $289.99, the Polaroid P4 Music Player features the full functionality of the Polaroid Music App, which allows you to set up your favourite music channels and playlists and lets you scroll between them effortlessly with the analog dial. This is Polaroid’s most powerful music player and, safe to say, it looks as good as it sounds. Premium sound and design that’s ready to take centre stage for all your favourite playlists this fall and winter.

Pleasingly straightforward to use, the free Polaroid Music app lets you control your Polaroid player with its analog dial, so you can change the music without picking up your phone. It connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth® technology and you can pair P4 players together for stereo sound that fills the room and really does your favourite tunes justice.

With 15 hours of playback, the Polaroid P4 Music Player is great for trips to the beach, camping or heading to the gym and it has the sort of old school cool aesthetic we’ve come to expect from products from the brand. After a great looking, affordable and top performing Bluetooth® speaker? You’ve just found the prime candidate with the P4 Music Player from the guys at Polaroid.

buy now from polaroid | $289.99
Image Source: The Coolector

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