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    Mom Sleeps Too: Tips to Create Restorative Sleep for Super Moms

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    Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express gratitude to the incredible women in our lives. While flowers and chocolates are timeless gifts, the most heartfelt present many mothers long for is a restful night’s sleep. Mothers often sleep 20% less than fathers, leading to significant health consequences like fatigue, weakened immune systems, and impaired cognitive function.
    This Mother’s Day, let’s help them achieve deep, restorative sleep with thoughtful gifts and practical tips tailored to their unique needs.

    Helping New Moms Rest Better

    1. Nap-Friendly Environment: New moms are often up throughout the night caring for their babies. Create a nap-friendly environment:
      1. Light Blocking Curtains: Provide blackout curtains to darken the room during the day.
      2. White Noise Machine: Use a white noise machine to drown out disturbances and mimic womb-like sounds.
    2. Share the Load: Encourage new moms to share nighttime caregiving duties whenever possible:
      1. Support System: Involve partners or other family members in nighttime feedings or diaper changes to give her more opportunities for rest.
      2. Expressed Milk: If breastfeeding, suggest using expressed milk in a bottle so someone else can help with feeding.

    Creating Balance for Working Moms

    1. Bedtime Wind-Down Routine: Working moms juggle career demands and family responsibilities, often leaving them stressed and anxious. Help them wind down:
      1. Relaxation Techniques: Suggest deep breathing exercises or guided meditation.
      2. Journaling: Encourage jotting down thoughts or to-do lists to clear the mind.
    2. Tech-Free Zone: Create a tech-free zone in the bedroom to avoid distractions from emails and social media:
      1. Charging Station: Set up a charging station outside the bedroom to keep devices away from the bedside.
      2. Alarm Clock: Replace smartphone alarms with a gentle sunrise clock or a traditional alarm.
    3. Ergonomic Pillow for Spine Support: An ergonomic pillow like the Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillowprovides essential support for working moms who spend long hours at their desks or on the move. It eases neck and shoulder discomfort, helping her unwind more comfortably at night and wake up refreshed for the day ahead.

    Sleep Tips for Older Moms

    1. Comfortable Bedding: As women age, they can be more prone to aches and pains. Comfortable bedding makes a difference:
      1. Weighted Blanket: A weighted blanket can relieve anxiety and provide comforting pressure.
      2. Cooling Mattress Pad: For hot flashes or night sweats, a cooling mattress pad can regulate temperature.
    2. Joint-Friendly Pillows: Choose orthopedic pillows that support proper neck and spine alignment. The Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow alleviates neck and shoulder pain, providing a relaxing and pain-free sleep.

    Sleep Strategies for Every Mom

    1. Craft a Relaxing Sleep Routine: All moms benefit from creating a consistent sleep routine:
      1. Establish Consistency: Set a consistent bedtime, even if it varies slightly each night.
      2. Nightly Rituals: Suggest calming activities she enjoys, like reading or taking a warm bath.
    2. Physical Activity: Regular physical activity improves sleep quality:
      1. Family-Friendly Exercise: Engage in activities that the whole family can enjoy, like after-dinner walks.
    3. Mindfulness Practices: Guided meditation or breathing exercises can help relieve anxiety and foster relaxation before bedtime.


    This Mother’s Day, consider gifts that promote well-being and quality sleep. Elviros’ ergonomic pillows, blackout curtains, and white noise machines can help moms of all ages sleep better, wake up refreshed, and be ready to tackle their day with renewed energy. Give your mom the gift of restful sleep because she deserves it.


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