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Living the Luxurious Life in Quebec City

Image Source: mervas / Shutterstock

For a serene escape filled with top-notch food, accommodations, spas, and authentic cultural experiences, look no further than Quebec, Canada’s French-speaking province.

Even though French is the official language, the province’s dual fluency in French and English gives it a unique European charm along with the convenience of easy communication. Plus, with a favorable exchange rate, it’s a win-win situation.

Discovering Quebec City

Quebec City stands as the capital and pride of Canada’s largest province and holds the title of being the oldest city in the country. In the 1970s, the government invested in renovating the buildings of Vieux-Québec, the Old Town, turning it into the only fortified city north of Mexico. This transformation led to the Historic District of Old Quebec being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Aside from relishing the stunning architecture, festivals, performances, shops, galleries, and museums, visitors can delve deeper into Quebec’s rich cultural and religious heritage rooted in the First Nations and the Catholic Church, which define the province’s essence.

Exploring First Nations Culture at Wendake

The Huron-Wendat Nation has a history that predates the “founding” of Quebec by French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1608. Wendake, meaning “land apart,” is the traditional territory of the Nation and serves as an ideal starting point to explore the region. The 4-star Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations offers lodging, fine dining, a unique museum, and warm First Nations hospitality, all in one place.

Throughout the hotel, you’ll find indigenous art and artifacts on display, showcasing the deep-rooted fur trade heritage with wild animal pelts adorning public spaces and guest rooms. Guided tours provide insight into Huron-Wendat history, art, and traditions through the museum’s rare collections. Immersive experiences like visiting the longhouse to learn about myths and exploring the Old Wendake Historic Village contribute to a richer understanding of the culture.

At the hotel’s La Traite restaurant, indulge in a menu crafted by the renowned two-star Michelin chef Marc de Passorio, offering a taste of traditional bannock bread and seasonal dishes like scallops with smoked corn powder and the signature deer medallion. Completing the day at Onhwa Lumina, a forest pathway under the stars, adds a touch of ancestral rhythm celebration.

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Embracing Quebec City’s Healing Past

For a further immersion into First Nation culture, a visit to Sagamité Old Quebec offers a taste of traditional dishes like venison stew and the “Three Sisters” alongside indigenous art. The 4-star Hilton Quebec, located in Upper Town near the majestic Parliament building, provides sweeping city views with premium room options and access to a rooftop pool for ultimate relaxation.

Augustinian Monastery, dating back to 1639, symbolizes Quebec’s history of care, offering respite and specialized programs, including holistic health consultations and serene accommodations. Visitors can enjoy the monastery’s art collection, wellness activities, and healthy dining options at Le Vivoir restaurant.

Another rejuvenating experience awaits at Old Quebec’s Strøm Nordic Spa, where therapeutic waters overlook the St. Lawrence River, complemented by massages and beauty treatments. Culminate your Quebec City journey at the acclaimed Restaurant Le Clan, savoring Chef Stephane Modat’s elegant cuisine rooted in local Quebec ingredients and First Nations techniques.

Immerse yourself in Quebec City’s luxury and cultural richness to create unforgettable memories.

Image Source: mervas / Shutterstock

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