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Jaguar Introduces The E-Type 60 Collection, Elevating the Sports Car Segment

Image Source: Pixabay

Back in March 15, 1961, the Jaguar E-type was unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland. This iconic car was an immediate hit, symbolizing the vibrant era of the Swinging Sixties. The overwhelming response from the public led Jaguar to hastily dispatch a second E-type, a roadster, from Coventry to Geneva overnight, to meet the demand. Now, after six decades, the E-type 60 Collection celebrates these two legendary cars: the Opalescent Gunmetal Grey coupé ‘9600 HP’, driven ‘flat out’ by Bob Berry for its debut, and the British Racing Green roadster ’77 RW’, hurriedly driven by Norman Dewis to reach Geneva the next day.

Restored and perfected by Jaguar Classic experts in Coventry, the E-type 60 Collection cars embody impeccable quality and exceptional engineering expertise. Sold as a set, consisting of one E-type 60 Edition coupé and one E-type 60 Edition roadster, they are finished in exclusive Flat Out Grey and Drop Everything Green paint colors, respectively, inspired by the original 1961 shades and reserved exclusively for these Jaguars.

These exclusive cars feature various unique E-type 60 design elements developed in collaboration with Julian Thomson, the Jaguar Design Director, along with subtle upgrades for improved usability and driving experience, such as a five-speed manual gearbox, enhanced cooling, and the Jaguar Classic Infotainment System with integrated satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.

The most distinctive visual aspect of these specially crafted cars is an intricate engraving by artist and designer King Nerd on the center console, depicting the journey routes from Coventry to Geneva of the original vehicles. Each of these art pieces requires over 100 hours of meticulous handcrafting, done in consultation with the owner.

Dan Pink, Director of Jaguar Classic, remarked: “After sixty years since its debut in March 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show, the skilled team at Jaguar Classic presents the ultimate gift to the E-type: The E-type 60 Collection. The meticulous attention to detail shows the passion and dedication of our designers, engineers, craftsmen, and partners. The exquisite detailing and improved usability ensure that these E-types will be cherished and enjoyed by their discerning owners for many years to come, starting with a unique Coventry to Geneva journey for our six customers and their guests in Summer 2022.”

One of the most significant mechanical enhancements is the specially designed five-speed manual gearbox, featuring synchromesh on all gears, helical cut gears, and a reinforced cast aluminum casing for enhanced reliability, durability, closer gear ratios, and smoother gear shifts. Moreover, the 265bhp 3.8-liter six-cylinder XK engine benefits from authentic 1961-style upgrades like an alloy radiator, an electric cooling fan, electronic ignition for everyday use, and a polished stainless steel exhaust system, which offers a slightly deeper tone and increased longevity compared to the standard system.

Each car is enriched with unique artistic metal engravings by renowned artist King Nerd on the stainless steel center consoles, personalized for each E-type 60 Edition car. Other components like the bonnet badge, clock face within the tachometer, fuel cap, and chassis plate are adorned with a commemorative E-type 60 logo, designed by Jaguar Design, featuring the years ‘1961-2021’. A light beech-rimmed steering wheel with a 24-carat gold horn push, reminiscent of the 1961 models, adds to the elegance. Additionally, each vehicle comes with a custom-made E-type 60 car cover, tool roll, and jack storage bags to complement the enhancements, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail given to every aspect of the car.

In Summer 2022, the six customers will embark on the ultimate E-type pilgrimage – a Coventry-to-Geneva road trip with their cars to create lasting E-type memories. This journey promises breathtaking scenery, thrilling roads including iconic Alpine passes, exclusive accommodations, and exquisite dining experiences throughout the adventure.

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Image Source: Pixabay

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