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Introducing the Mega Yacht Influencer: Chris Cecil-Wright

Image source: Merydolla/ shutterstock

Chris Cecil-Wright has reached the peak of his career in the yachting industry. He delved into yachts in 1993 and relocated to Monaco in 1995 to immerse himself in the world of mega yachts. Today, he represents buyers and sellers of yachts exceeding 50 meters in length and is the founder of Cecil Wright & Partners. He contemplates deeply on the value and essence of yachting products and strives to understand what makes the yachts he sells truly worth the investment. He goes beyond viewing yachts as mere visual delights, focusing instead on creating bespoke legacies and long-term value.

The Status Life had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with Chris.

The Status Life: There have been discussions about the confiscation of megayachts due to the situation in Ukraine. A prominent publication suggested that the megayacht lifestyle embodies the ultimate luxury mixed with undesirable elements. How do you respond to that?

Chris: I interact with billionaires regularly, and the notion of “undesirable elements” can cloud perceptions. Many of these individuals are self-made, while others come from significant wealth and royal backgrounds. Their preferences and acquisitions are personal matters. While the lifestyle may seem objectionable to some, in reality, the world of megayachts should not face judgment in any form. It caters to the pleasures of some and may seem distasteful to a few.

The Status Life: In a previous discussion, you praised the craftsmanship and value of Feadship. Besides the teak utilized in Feadship decks, are there other aspects that impressed you?

Chris: Certainly, the meticulous handling of teak sourced from Burma stands out to me. The wood is aged for years before being used for Feadship decks, showcasing the attention to detail the company upholds. Another seemingly mundane yet crucial element that signifies great value is their air conditioning (A/C) system. In Feadship megayachts sold by us, the A/C system maintains optimal humidity, temperature, and air pressure. This ensures that delicate items like grand pianos, mahogany furniture, and fine art are preserved impeccably. Feadship’s centralized A/C system effectively controls various areas of the yacht, ensuring a pleasant environment even if specific activities like smoking happen in one area without affecting others. This subtlety in enhancing worth, particularly in megayachts, sets Feadship apart.

The Status Life: What insights do these details provide into human nature, particularly in the context of those desiring to own megayachts?

Chris: Often, people only realize their needs once they encounter the absence of those necessities. Moreover, when they do identify their requirements, they may struggle to locate the precise solutions.

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The Status Life: When you contribute to the interior design of a remarkable yacht, what initially captures your attention? Is it the spatial layout, color palette, or materials used?

Chris: Yacht interiors present fascinating dynamics. They must exhibit flow, allowing seamless transitions between areas. While design elements like style are essential, practical ergonomics play a significant role. For instance, adjusting the height of a bed or chair based on the owner’s health needs showcases the customization essential for a comfortable living space tailored to the owner’s requirements.

The Status Life: As sustainability gains prominence in home design, has this concept permeated yacht design yet? If so, have your charters and sales incorporated sustainable materials, and if yes, what are they?

Chris: Presently, the idea of a sustainable superyacht remains a paradox. These vessels rely heavily on diesel fuel with limited retrofitting capabilities. Despite the high costs associated with alternative solutions, discussions around sustainable practices are ongoing. Focusing solely on material acquisition neglects the essence of our humanity and our interconnectedness with the environment.

The Status Life: Renowned architect Le Corbusier once stated that good design is visible intelligence. Is this principle particularly relevant in contemporary yacht design, both internally and externally?

Chris: Le Corbusier’s insight holds true. Just as Keats admired beauty as eternal joy, we believe yachts epitomize enduring beauty and functionality. Through our collaborations with industry experts, we strive to blend intelligence and creativity, as articulated by Le Corbusier’s timeless wisdom.


image source: Merydolla/ shutterstock

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