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Habitas Unveils Its Ninth Property Named San Miguel

Launched in December 2022, Habitas San Miguel is the latest addition to Habitas’ collection of experience-driven eco-friendly hotels. Following the successful openings of Tulum in 2017 and Bacalar in 2021, Habitas San Miguel becomes their third property in Mexico, located just outside the UNESCO World Heritage site of San Miguel de Allende. Nestled amongst sprawling fields, the hotel is a mere 10-minute drive from the city center and brims with native flora like cacti and vibrant wildflowers.

Upon arrival, guests are warmly greeted by the hospitable staff who direct them to the reception garden – a serene circular space offering breathtaking views of the valley – for a special opening ceremony. As part of the ritual, guests place copal (rosemary and lavender) onto a copalera while setting their intentions for their stay. This inspiring gesture encourages guests to break away from routine and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

In addition to the central gathering area known as La Troje and the reception building, the property comprises 60 single-bedroom lavish rooms constructed using sustainable practices. The on-site restaurant, Comunidad, prides itself on farm-to-table dining showcasing local culinary traditions and ingredients. Whether dining al fresco on elegantly crafted wooden chairs or indoors near the library, guests can savor delectable dishes like BBQ Cauliflower and locally-sourced Lechón (suckling pig) terrine.

Remaining true to their commitment to eco-conscious design, every structure at Habitas San Miguel minimizes its impact on the environment. The rooms are tastefully adorned with artisanal decor from local craftsmen, each boasting an outdoor terrace with views of the idyllic fields and towering cacti. Habitas co-founder and CEO, Oliver Ripley, expressed, “We wanted our guests to experience the perfect fusion of nature and culture harmonizing with the creative vibe of San Miguel de Allende.”

Situated conveniently for guests to explore the historic downtown and revel in the natural splendor surrounding the hotel, Habitas offers daily excursions such as horseback riding, off-road jeep tours, and hot air balloon rides.

The hotel provides a diverse range of daily activities aligned with their core values of Art & Culture, Wellness, Adventure, Learning, Food, and Music. From yoga and macrame workshops to meditation and wine & paint classes, guests are encouraged to engage, learn, and connect on a deeper level in a community that shares similar values and ideals.

Oliver Ripley remarked, “Habitas San Miguel de Allende offers guests an opportunity to delve into the city’s vibrant art, cuisine, music, and film scene while providing a tranquil retreat amidst vineyards and a sustainable farm.”

Habitas San Miguel de Allende marks the brand’s ninth property, with six more properties on the horizon including Atacama, Chile; Bhutan; Los Cabos, Mexico; Santa Teresa, Mexico; Todos Santos, Mexico; and Zion, USA.

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Image Source: Forbes

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