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Funding The Future: How Past Achievements Enable Investments That Benefit Society

Recent global events like the Covid-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine have prompted many individuals to reassess their priorities. This includes reevaluating their business practices and investment choices.

I am Dmytro Pereverten, a serial entrepreneur and investor always seeking new opportunities in the business world. I actively search for innovative projects to invest my resources, knowledge, and expertise not just for financial gains but also to make a positive impact on society.

Building on Past Achievements for Future Success

I previously managed a marketing studio called EBSH and an affiliate program generator with over 200 employees. Our focus was on generating leads for real estate agents in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Dubai. Working closely with major commercial advertisers, we delivered high-quality leads in large volumes.

The core values instilled at EBSH emphasize respect, intelligence, accountability, and taking control of our destiny. These principles have become the cornerstone of my work ethic.

Over the past three years, I have spearheaded, a mobile app development and monetization studio. Our team creates iOS and Android apps designed to enhance customers’ lives. With over 15 applications developed and 10 million downloads, our focus is on enhancing security and lifestyle through our apps.

These accomplishments have paved the way for me to make investments with the potential to bring about positive change.

Investing in Positive Change

I am dedicated to funding companies that have a positive impact on the world. One such investment is in Unitfab, a company specializing in modular construction.

Unitfab excels in manufacturing homes and hotels in a factory setting, ensuring quality control and offering competitive prices through direct-to-consumer sales. They aim to revolutionize traditional home construction methods by providing quick and efficient housing solutions.

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Unitfab’s primary focus is on providing modern, spacious, and safe housing for Ukrainian refugees affected by the ongoing conflict. They have helped thousands of individuals who have lost their homes in the war.

Securing Our Future Through Investments

Investing in the Ukrainian army is a crucial step towards securing our nation’s future. By supporting Unitfab’s efforts to provide housing for those affected by conflict, I am playing my part in contributing to the greater good.

My financial support to the Ukrainian army reflects not just patriotism but a commitment to safeguarding the long-term security of Ukraine and its citizens.

By investing in the military, we are safeguarding our freedom, independence, and prosperity for generations to come.

Future Plans and Investments

Building on the success of my current investments, I plan to establish an investment fund focusing on internet-related ventures.

The internet has transformed the investment landscape by providing automation and transparency. My goal is to invest in companies leveraging internet technologies, creating a user-friendly platform for informed investment decisions.

By diversifying investments across various sectors and industries, I aim to minimize risk and optimize returns, ensuring long-term financial security to continue making a positive impact.


Image by Donald Tong via Pexels

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