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    Discover the EVO 130 Superyacht in All Its Beauty

    By MensGear, a Content Partner of Status Life

    Superyachts vary greatly in design, but what sets them apart are the ones with exceptional and innovative designs. Tecnomar showcases this precisely with the EVO 130.

    It’s evident that many naval architects now derive inspiration from high-performance cars for their projects. The EVO 130 is a prime example of this trend, and it looks stunningly beautiful.

    Although the design is still in its initial phases, the available information on its features is somewhat limited.

    Nevertheless, Tecnomar has shared some fascinating details about the EVO 130. Firstly, let’s admire the sleek and crisp outline finished with a metallic silver touch.

    The aerodynamic superstructure paired with the hydrodynamic hull gives it a sporty appearance. Equipped with two 1,800-horsepower V12 engines, it can smoothly cruise at around 17 knots and reach a top speed of 19 knots. This 130-foot luxury yacht is primarily constructed with aluminum and boasts a beam measuring 31.5 feet.

    Tecnomar maximizes the size of the EVO 130 to furnish it with luxurious amenities. While there are no interior images available, one can only imagine the layout of its spacious compartments. Both the main and upper decks feature aft lounge areas with terraces for guests to relish the fresh air and scenic views.

    Although the renders do not display it, there is mention of a beach club. Additionally, towards the bow of the main deck, more seating arrangements can be found. Tecnomar states that the EVO 130 can accommodate up to 12 guests and seven crew members.

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    The exterior and interior designs were skillfully crafted by Gian Marco Campanino, an architect from The Italian Sea Group.


    Image Source: BOAT International


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