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Discover The Advantages Of Functional Aesthetic Medicine

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Dr. Vera Singleton, a certified naturopathic doctor, offers natural solutions for various health issues and peri-menopause challenges in the San Francisco/Bay Area. Let’s take a deeper look at her unique approach.

Traditional medicine has its place in society, but when conventional physicians come up short, Dr. Vera Singleton steps in. Trained as a board certified naturopathic doctor, she specializes in health and peri-menopause, focusing on improving the body’s functionalities from the inside out. She utilizes a range of modalities, including homeopathics, PRP and PRF, herbs, pharmaceuticals, and diet. In addition, she offers functional aesthetics to reverse the effects of skin damage without relying on temporary fixes like Botox and fillers. Instead, she considers the whole patient, addressing nutrition, sleep habits, stressors, and more to tackle root issues.

Dr. Singleton’s specialties include digestion support, acne support, hormone balancing, hair restoration, PRP/PRF treatments, non-surgical plasma facelifts, and body contouring. She emphasizes empathy, understanding, and long-term, fully customized plans for her patients.

She typically treats clients, both male and female aged 40 and above, who experience body changes due to aging, childbirth, or high-stress careers. Hormonal decline is a common factor in these cases.

Many of her clients have tried traditional treatments with little success and turn to Dr. Singleton to identify the root cause of their issues. Whether it’s hormone, digestion, or skin concerns, she offers non-traditional FDA approved testing to clarify the underlying problems.

Dr. Singleton is a board-certified naturopathic doctor with extensive experience in functional medicine and aesthetics. She offers long-term, cohesive health strategies by combining her expertise in hormone, IBS, and skin issues. Her holistic understanding of the body allows her to develop individualized plans for each client.

Dr. Singleton’s care involves longer-term programs rather than one-time office visits to achieve faster results that last. This approach ensures customized solutions that can be modified over time, providing patients with long-term accountability and support to overcome unhealthy habits.

Her Ultimate Health Makeover programs are designed to deliver faster results that last, along with real-life solutions to avoid reverting to old patterns. These programs involve initial consultations, monthly office visits, and individualized coaching sessions, along with email support between visits.

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Dr. Singleton believes that developing deep connections with her patients is critical to the diagnosis and healing process. She emphasizes empathy and understanding, drawing from her own experience of neglecting her body’s signs before seeking professional help.

While Dr. Singleton’s practice offers aesthetic services, it does not include Botox and fillers. Instead, her services focus on natural, high-tech treatments such as PRP/PRF, Natur-tox, and body contouring for longer-lasting, healthier skin. These services cater to all skin types, ensuring safety for those with sensitive or hyperpigmented skin.

Dr. Singleton’s practice is open to new patients who seek natural healing solutions. Appointments can be booked online through her website or by calling her office directly.

Image Source: DuxX / Shutterstock


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