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Discover Luxury At RdV Vineyards In Dalaplane, Virginia

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When you hear about RdV Vineyards in Delaplane, Virginia, it’s fascinating to know they aim to create the first American Cru. For wine enthusiasts, RdV might have already achieved this. The winery’s impressive building with a gleaming white silo catches the eye as you approach, reminiscent of a local farm.

Owned and run by Rutger de Vink, the ambition to raise American wine to new levels is becoming a reality. With Rutger’s background as a U.S. Marine and his perseverance, the goal of producing America’s top red wine is taking shape.

Rutger’s wine journey began after his military service, studying at Colgate University and Kellogg for his MBA. After a short stint in a Washington DC venture capital firm, Rutger realized the corporate world wasn’t for him. He chased his dream of working in a vineyard and being outdoors.

To learn about winemaking, Rutger worked at various wineries in the U.S. and Europe, notably at Linden Vineyards where he met Jim Law, a prominent figure in Virginia’s wine scene. It was at Linden’s neighbor, a cattle farm, where Rutger saw the potential for grape cultivation. He bought the land, planted vines in 2006, and established a modern winemaking facility in 2011.

RdV began with the release of their first bottles of 2008 Lost Mountain priced at $88 each, showcasing their dedication to excellence. Winemaker Josh Grainer, a key figure in realizing the vision of an American Cru, has been vital to RdV’s success.

Hospitality Director Karl Kuhn, who previously worked at a Michelin-starred restaurant, enriches the top-tier team at RdV. RdV’s wine club, known as “Ambassadors,” helps spread the word about the winery and enjoy exclusive access to limited releases, making them valued members of the RdV community.

For visitors interested in experiencing RdV, tasting reservations can be made online. RdV primarily sells to wine club members, emphasizing their focus on quality and exclusivity.

A luxurious stay in the area could involve accommodations at Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg or a cozy stay at the Red Fox Inn, renowned for its charming suites and cottages. RdV Vineyards shines as a symbol of excellence in American winemaking, with a pledge to craft outstanding wines.

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