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Discover Australia’s Unique Wetland Safari Experience at Bamurru Plains

At the break of dawn, the landscape transforms from darkness to reveal vast savannahs of lush grasslands in all directions. Instead of an alarm clock, the awakening sounds are the cheerful calls of the Blue-winged Kookaburra and other exotic birds heralding the sunrise just outside your cabin. Later, the tranquility is interrupted by the roar of engines and propellers as guests embark on an airboat ride to explore this remarkable habitat at Bamurru Plains in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Australia boasts diverse environments ranging from arid outback deserts to picturesque coastal cities and snowy mountains. Located three hours from Darwin in the Northern Territory, Bamurru Plains sits in a remote and pristine setting stretching from the edge of Kakadu National Park to the Timor Sea coastline.

The stark contrast between the dry and wet seasons here is striking. During the dry months from April to October, the area transforms into a parched landscape with mud and dust, and wildlife huddling around remaining waterholes. In contrast, the wet season fills the floodplains with water, creating a vibrant ecosystem with marshes teeming with plant and bird life, woodlands of eucalypts, mangroves, and billabongs. This lush habitat attracts a variety of bird species unique to these wetlands, drawing birdwatchers from around the globe.

Nestled in this surreal environment is Bamurru Plains, an exclusive wilderness retreat tailored for wildlife enthusiasts. With only ten safari bungalows seamlessly blending into the surroundings, guests can enjoy a luxurious wilderness experience with top-notch service, gourmet meals, and guided tours showcasing the area’s diverse wildlife.

Reminiscent of a luxury African safari lodge, Bamurru Plains offers a range of activities from thrilling airboat adventures to lazy days by the infinity pool. Evenings are spent dining on gourmet meals while engaging in lively conversations with other guests.

The natural surroundings at Bamurru Plains are awe-inspiring, with rugged terrain on one side and endless marshlands on the other. Surrounding the property are termite mounds, water buffalo grazing, and an array of introduced species like feral pigs, donkeys, and wild horses.

The wetlands, mangroves, and gumtree forests around Bamurru Plains provide an ideal habitat for diverse wildlife, including colorful birds like kingfishers, eagles, and jabirus. Guided tours led by passionate field guides offer guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature, from 4WD safaris to bushwalks observing the flora and fauna.

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One of the highlights is the thrilling airboat rides across the marshlands, where guests can witness magpie geese taking flight, water buffalo lounging in the water, and comb-crested jacanas walking on lily pads. The guided tours provide insights into the wildlife and ecosystem, offering a unique and educational experience.

Back at the camp, the main lodge serves as a communal space for guests to gather, adorned with rustic decor, indigenous artwork, and a collection of Australian wines and craft beer. Evenings are filled with long table dinners, stimulating conversations, and the chance to reflect on the day’s adventures in the heart of nature at Bamurru Plains.The deck pavilion at Bamurru Plains provides a stunning view of the savannah, making it a perfect spot for enjoying your morning coffee while observing wallabies moving around. The area features trellis-covered seating, a fire pit, and a beautiful infinity-edge pool for a refreshing dip after a day of exploration.

The nine safari bungalows at Bamurru Plains are elevated on stilts with unobstructed views of the savannah. Three sides of the cabins have dense netting instead of walls to keep bugs out while offering panoramic views. Inside, you’ll find teakwood floors, brass lantern light fixtures, and comfortable sitting areas. The bathrooms are well-designed, featuring corrugated tin walls, brass tubing, and a rainwater shower coming from a unique tree branch. The cozy king-sized beds provide a peaceful rest interrupted only by the sounds of wildlife outside.

There are also three larger accommodations with air conditioning, including the Kingfisher Suite, perfect for honeymooners or small families, boasting a spacious living area, a shower for two, and an unconventional shower next to the bed.

Bamurru Plains takes pride in its culinary offerings, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout the day. The dinners are especially noteworthy, featuring a sophisticated 3-course Australian bush-inspired menu made with indigenous and local ingredients, creating unique flavors. The communal dining experience fosters conversations and connections among guests, further enriched by the presence of guides who share insights about the area and its wildlife.

As a sustainable eco-resort, Bamurru Plains blends harmoniously with its surroundings. The lodge operates off the grid, powered mostly by solar panels and generators, with a focus on conservation efforts like using filtered bore water for drinking and providing reusable water bottles. The owner, Charlie Carlow, emphasizes the lodge’s low environmental impact and aims to raise awareness of preserving the natural beauty of the region.

Bamurru Plains offers guests a chance to explore the diverse wildlife of Australia’s less-explored regions. From exotic birds to saltwater crocodiles, the rich biodiversity provides a unique wildlife experience. With luxurious accommodations, knowledgeable guides, and exquisite dining, a stay at Bamurru Plains offers one of the world’s most indulgent wildlife experiences.

Image Source: The Guardian

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