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    Deus ex Machina Collaborates with Zero Motorcycles for the First Electric Motorcycle

    Image Source: Zero Automobiles

    Deus ex Machina has partnered with Zero Motorcycles, a global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains, to craft the inaugural fully customized Zero Motorcycles SR/S. This project is a significant milestone as Deus’ initial foray into the realm of electric motorcycles and the results are truly impressive.

    The bike is entirely constructed from a single mold of carbon fiber composites and boasts features like Show World Superbike forks and shocks, carbon fiber dynamag wheels, custom race brake components from Spain, a Saddlemen seat, a hand-blown windscreen from Zero Gravity, clear coated panels showcasing the carbon fiber, and classic pin striping.


    “I wanted to do something kind of old and new, old shapes that I grew up with and new technology, no computer work, just foam, plastic, shaping and measuring tools, transfer tools and kind of the old school way,” shared Michael “Woolie” Woolaway. “The Zero bike build is the first electric motorcycle I’ve ever been involved with on any level — and I have always been intrigued… That bike is the perfect platform to build something with because there’s no gas tank really. And there’s this trellis frame that’s beautiful and everything else comes off and there’s nothing there. So in my mind quietly, I was thinking, ‘I’d love to do something with that bike because it’s a blank sheet of paper.’”

    For the complete interview, you can visit Zero’s official website for more insights, or to arrange a test ride.


    Image Source: Zero Automobiles

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