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    ARB Earth Camper Reviewed by The Coolector

    Photo credit: ARB Earth Camper

    The Earth Camper, created by ARB, is their impressive debut in the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. Drawing on nearly 50 years of expertise in the 4×4 space, ARB has designed a rugged and versatile off-road camper trailer that is both compact and feature-rich.

    The concept for the Earth Camper was born in 2016 with the aim of providing ARB consumers with the ultimate outdoor adventure experience. This camper trailer offers luxurious amenities that allow travelers to venture into remote locations that are typically inaccessible by regular vehicles, let alone ones towing a trailer.

    As a company known for designing, fabricating, and manufacturing world-leading products, ARB leveraged their skilled workforce in steel fabrication and suspension manufacturing for the creation of this camper. They took charge of manufacturing the essential components such as the chassis, suspension, electrical systems, and windows. However, they collaborated with expert third-party providers who specialize in diesel heaters, fibreglass walls and roof construction, and hot water kits.

    ARB made significant investments in development and equipment/tooling for the Earth Camper. For instance, they acquired a hydraulically-driven bender to handle the larger tube sizes, instead of an electrical one. They also implemented an E-coat coating process, commonly used in the automotive industry, for the chassis. This is followed by a heavy-duty, stone-resistant poly paint spray that offers exceptional rust prevention and long-lasting durability.

    The Earth Camper truly exemplifies ARB’s strengths, combining their extensive knowledge and experience across various product categories into a single, formidable off-road trailer. If you seek a camper trailer that can transport you to the most remote corners of the Earth, the Earth Camper is an excellent choice. It boasts top-quality materials, meticulous construction, and an array of features that enhance your camping experience.

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