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Acura Unveils Precision EV Concept Car

Image Source: Xita / Shutterstock

Acura recently introduced the Precision EV Concept during the Monterey Car Week event.

The new model, set to launch as an all-electric SUV in 2024, features a striking Double Apex Blue matte finish exterior, an electrified powertrain housed beneath a redesigned Diamond Pentagon grille, and innovative Particle Glitch lighting on the front and rear seamless facias as well as the 23-inch wheels.

Emile Korkor, Acura’s assistant vice president of National Sales, stated, “The Acura Precision EV Concept sets the tone for upcoming Acura vehicles in the electrified age, notably our inaugural all-electric SUV in 2024. We remain dedicated to delivering Precision Crafted Performance across all aspects of the Acura customer experience, paving an energetic and promising direction for the future generation of electrified Acura models.”

The interior design draws inspiration from Formula 1 race car cockpits, featuring high-performance driver sightlines, a two-grip yoke-style steering wheel, a low driving position, and the choice of Instinctive Drive or Spiritual Lounge modes.

In Instinctive Drive mode, a racing-style digital instrument panel and red ambient and pipe lighting take center stage, while the soothing Spiritual Lounge mode retracts the steering wheel and offers calming scents and underwater animated projections for relaxation.

The cabin incorporates sustainable materials, such as marbled recycled plastic trim and 100% biomass leather. Recycled aluminum and green cast acrylic for the secondary controls on the steering wheel were utilized. Additionally, FSC certified wood sourced from responsibly managed forests creates a warm and nature-connected ambiance.

Gypsy Modina, principal designer for color, materials, and finish, emphasized, “As the standards of luxury and performance expand to encompass sustainable materials, we are exploring innovative material technologies to both inspire our customers and reduce our carbon footprint, allowing the Acura brand to redefine quality perception.”

The Acura Precision EV Concept, serving as the brand’s third design concept since 2016, also offers a glimpse into the future of Acura Human Machine Interface (HMI) with a user-friendly, curved transparent display and haptic touch response.

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Simon Yu, senior interior designer, shared, “The Acura Precision EV Concept showcases our forthcoming Dual Experience interior design approach, aiming to provide dynamic performance control alongside a sophisticated and stimulating lounge atmosphere that engages the driver’s senses.”

Image Source: Xita / Shutterstock

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