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4 Places To Add To Your Bali Itinerary To Make Your Trip Memorable

Image Source: Igor Tichonow / Shutterstock

Bali is a popular tourist spot, with 1.19 million visitors in September 2022 as per Statista. The island offers stunning landscapes, serene surroundings, beautiful beaches, perpetual summer, and friendly locals.

For first-time Bali travelers, here are four must-visit places to enhance your experience and some handy tips. It’s advisable to be informed about Bali’s travel regulations.

When planning your trip, flying to Bali is the most convenient option. If commercial flights are not suitable, chartering a private flight can provide a luxurious experience.

1. Ubud: the cultural heart of Bali

Ubud is the ideal place to experience the true essence of Bali. Surrounded by mountains, rivers, coffee plantations, and temples, Ubud is often referred to as the ‘Island of Gods’. Popular activities in Ubud include visiting the Monkey Forest, trying Luwak coffee, exploring Campuhan Ridge, relaxing at spas, and seeing coffee plantations, Tegalalang rice terraces, Lempuyang Temple, Tirta Gangga, and Tukad Cepung Waterfall.

Pro tip: Plan your Ubud itinerary on Maps, allotting time for each spot to make the most of your visit.

2. Tanah Lot: the rock-sitting temple

Tanah Lot is a famed Hindu temple located on what seems like a floating land in the sea. Steeped in history, the temple’s legend dates back to the 16th century when a revered monk, Dang Hyang Nirartha, protected himself from villagers by using mystical powers. During low tide, you can walk to the temple across the sea.

Pro Tip: Visit during low tide to walk to the temple.

3. Lovina: the exotic resort

Exploring Bali is incomplete without a trip to Lovina on the North coast. Known for dolphin pods, captivating sunsets, snorkeling, and diving opportunities, Lovina offers a peaceful atmosphere with a variety of dining options and local shops.

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Pro tip: Stay near tourist attractions for convenience.

4. Pura Besakih: the Mother Temple

Pura Besakih, the island’s Mother Temple, comprises 80 temples dating back to 1340. Hosting numerous Hindu ceremonies, it holds religious significance. Hiring a guide and wearing respectful attire like a sarong and proper top is recommended during your visit.

Pro tip: Hire a guide and dress respectfully when visiting Pura Besakih.

Final Thoughts

Bali’s natural beauty and cultural richness make it a captivating destination. Whether for a short stay or an extended trip, planning is crucial. Avoid the tourist rush in July and August by pre-booking accommodations near key attractions.

With over 20,000 temples, volcanic landscapes, and majestic mountains, Bali offers a diverse experience. For first-time visitors, hiring a tour guide is a smart choice to explore Bali’s offerings fully.

Bali promises a blend of beauty, culture, spirituality, adventure, cuisine, and luxury. Get inspired and start planning your trip by watching the video below.

Image Source: Igor Tichonow / Shutterstock

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