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You Should See The Amazing Lems Chillum Sneakers

Lems are one of our favorite men’s footwear brands here at The Status Life and their latest release, the Chillum Sneakers, is one of their coolest to date with laid-back vibes aplenty. As comfortable as they come, the Chillum Sneakers are available for a great price of $105 which, given their perfect packability and unparalleled comfort, is a small price to pay in our opinion.

The Lems Chillum Sneakers ($105) are crafted on the same outsole as Lems’ Boulder Boots and they are a lace-up kicking-around-town and enjoying-a-drink-with-good-friends type of shoe. Lems have incorporated several different materials, to deliver enhanced texture, breathability, robustness and exceptional comfort day in, day out. This is the first Lems shoe that makes use of wool in its design and it is a great addition to their already first-rate footwear.

Great Style & Comfort

One of the stand-out features you’ll immediately notice with the Lems Chillum Sneakers is the cork footbed. By adding an ultra-thin 0.8mm cork top layer, your foot will be feeling the benefits of natural coolness and comfort, with or without socks when you pull on a pair of Chillums.

These everyday shoes are some of the lightest you’ll find anywhere on the market and are purpose-built to feel like you’re wearing nothing at all – something we can all get on board with when it comes to adventure-ready footwear. The Lems Chillum Sneakers ($105) position the forefoot and heel flat to the ground correcting posture, aligning your spine, and encouraging mid-foot strike.

They have a wide toe box that, unlike traditional footwear that squeeze the toes together, offers an actual foot-shaped toe box which allows for maximum room and ensures the toes have ultimate freedom to wiggle and spread which adds to the overall sense of comfort inherent in the Chillum Sneakers.

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